Specialist academic studies

Study program Wood and wood products trade

Specialist studies last for 1 year or two semesters and provide 60 ECTS. Within the study curriculum, students attend 6 one-term subjects, of which 3 are elective and chosen out of 5 offered subjects. The lessons take place in blocks. One block contains 5 days of teaching.

After the lectures, the candidates have one week’s professional practice in Italy to learn about the work of the most important companies in the field of production, export and import of furniture and wood products.

The aim of the program of specialist academic studies in wood and wood products trade is to train personnel for competent and professional dealing with internal and foreign trade in wood and wood products, market research and the creation and implementation of strategies for wood products export.

The study program is implemented in cooperation with Dipartimento Territorio e Sistemi Agro-Forestali,Università di Padova

Upon completion of the academic specialist studies, candidates gain the professional title – Specialist forest engineer.

Study program Wood and wood products trade

Ord. no. Subject code Subject name Term Lessons of active teaching ECTS
Lectures Exercises CRW
1 СТДИПОД01 International market of wood and wood products I 4 4 2 8
2 СТДИПОД02 International business law I 3 3 2 8
3 СТДИПОД03 International marketing of wood products I 3 3 2 8
Total of active teaching lessons in term 1 10 10 6 24
Elective block 1 ( 3 subjects )
4 СТДИПОД04 Elective subject 1 II 3 3 2 6
5 СТДИПОД04 Elective subject 2 II 3 3 2 6
6 СТДИОД04 Elective subject 3 II 3 3 2 6
Total of active teaching lessons in term 2 9 9 6 18
Total for the year of studies 19 19 12  
Study practice II   8
Specialist paper II   10


The list of elective subjects:
Students choose 3 out of 5 offered subjects

Ord.no. Subject code Subject name Term ECTS
1 СТДИПОД041 Business ethics II 6
2 СТДИПОД042 Strategic and innovative management in wood processing II 6
3 СТДИПОД043 International business finance II 6
4 СТДИПОД044 Wood biomass market II 6
5 СТДИПОД045 English in business communication II 6