Centre for educational and scientific facilities includes, organizes and manages:  

• The educational base “ Goč”  Touristic complex Piramida ( forests, forest nursery, mill, a complex of facilities for the provision of accommodation and food to students and pupils );
• The educational base "Мajdanpečka Domena" ( forests, forest nursery, mill,  facilities for the provision of accommodation and food for students and pupils);
• Centre for ornamental plant production.

The purpose of the educational bases is carrying out of study programs and the curriculum of the bachelor academic studies, graduate academic studies, specialist and doctoral studies for the purposes of the Faculty and other members of University and it involves:
• school practice, field study and production practice;
• practical work with students;
• scientific research in primary domains of the Faculty;
• experimental forest management  following the principles of contemporary forest science;
• Forming of the centre for training in the fields of forestry, wood processing, landscape architecture and horticulture, ecological engineering and environmental protection.

Within the educational bases, beside courses and scientific and research and other kinds of work, the Faculty organizes and provides the services of accommodation and food to students and pupils during courses.


The educational base “Goč” was founded in 1956.
It occupies an area of 3700 hа.

Domena is a part of forests of east Serbia or more precisely a part of Homoljske mountains. A 7500 ha- part of Majdanpečka Domena was given as a present to the king of Serbia, Aleksandar Obrenović by the Parliament of the Kingdom of Serbia in 1901.  After the assassination of King Aleksandar and his wife Draga Mašin, the only heir was his mother Queen Natalija. Queen Natalija donated that estate to students of Belgrade, but as the students are not a legal entity, the estate becomes the ownership of the University (1903).  Since then, this part of Majdanpečka Domena has been named University Domena, and somewhat later also “Natalino” (Natalija’s) as a tribute to the great donor and philanthropist.
Due to the inability of the students of forestry to have practical lessons, the river basin of the Crna reka river was given to students of forestry for management and practical courses of forestry students. In 1956  after long negotiations and  correspondence, with a decision of the  Executive Council of  N. B. of Serbia the Faculty of Forestry was  officially  given the following, for the purposes of practical courses for students of forestry and  pupils of  Forestry high school:

1. A forest in the water basin of the Crna reka river  - 2000 ha

2. The forest “ Goč – Gvozdačka reka” – 3700 ha.
In the same year the Faculty of Forestry founded  the School Experimental area of the Faculty of Forestry “Momčilo Popović” for forest management in these forests, which started work on January 1st 1957.  On the basis of valid laws the experimental area stopped to exist on December 31 st 1989 and from January 1st 1990 becomes a part of the Faculty of Forestry.  Today the name of this part of University Domena is “The educational base – Debeli Lug”.

The entire estate of University Domena of 7500ha is recorded in the legacy book of the rectorate as the legacy of Queen Natalija to the University of Belgrade.
Today, University Domena has its synonyms such as “Majdanpečka Domena”, “Domena of the University of Belgrade”, and “Natalino”. Natalino (Natalija’s) named after queen Natalija, the wife of King Milan Obrenović who donated the estate to the University of Belgrade.