International cooperation is achieved through joint studies, participation of professors from other faculties in the teaching process as

well as in the elaboration and defense of doctoral dissertations, through joint projects and the participation of experts from the Faculty

in international organizations and professional bodies (IUFRO, UNESCO, UNECE Timber Committee and FAO, etc.).
During the past few years several bilateral agreements on cooperation have been signed with universities from Europe and

the Russian Federation.


The TMP department of the Faculty of Forestry organizes education and training for professionals of different specialties and realizes

various forms of  domestic and international cooperation.
The Department has concluded a strategic partnership agreement with the Faculty of Organizational Sciences (FON) in Belgrade,

which envisages the involvement of professors from FON in the educational process on the orientation of the management of this segment.

The agreement on cooperation was signed with the Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Belgrade, whose professors teach

in master studies (Module – Wood in construction).
Classes within numerous disciplines involve the so-called. ‘Twinning system’ (twinning system), by which lecturers are exchanged

between the Faculty of Forestry and certain foreign universities. In this sense, the TMP department organizes continuous

video-conferences and lectures of foreign professors through a system of remote lectures.
Teaching in the TMP department includes frequent guest performances and lectures by local and foreign experts in the field of modern

technologies for wood, furniture designers and architects, and wood product experts.
The Department has signed a special agreement on the exchange of master students with the University of Padua in Italy, which enables

that two students from Serbia realize a study visit to Italy for a period of two weeks at the expense of the University in Italy.

A similar agreement was signed with the Faculty of Design and Technology of furniture and interior in Skopje.
Professors from the University of Padua (Italy) and the University of Ljubljana are involved in teaching at master, postgraduate and

doctoral studies in the module of Trade in wood and industry economics at this department.


The Department  of TMP developed strategic partnership and cooperation with many major companies and organizations, among which

are Universities and institutions from abroad:
University of Padua – Italy, Biotechnical Faculty – University of Ljubljana, the Committee for Wood of the United Nations in Geneva,

the Faculty of Design and Technology of Furniture and Interior in Skopje.


Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management – Forest Directorate, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economy,

Development Agency of Serbia (RAS), the Customs Administration, shipping organizations, insurance companies, banks …


Agency for Wood-Cluster of wood processing industry in Serbia, ULUPUDUS, Mikser, Belgrade Design Week,

the Network of creative people, Design zones, Tim Rest Art, Young designers of the Balkans, Cultural Center Grad,

Center for Development of Inclusive Society (CRID), Tipometar, World of Design and others.


Simpo, IKEA, Tarket, Saga wood, Eurosalon, Kronošpan, GIR, Kolarević, Toplica wood, forma ideale, Sava, Enterijer Janković,

Belgrade power plants, Srbijašume, Vojvodinašume, DIV Loznica and others.