Chair centers


In addition to the three laboratories of the Chair, there is a center for monitoring and conservation of forest genetic resources, which was established in 2007. The aim of the Center is to promote an entirely new multidisciplinary approach to the forest as a common good, which is to be preserved and left to future generations. This concept is now widely accepted in many countries of the world.

The Center is concerned with improving the methods of Conservation and directed utilization of the gene pool of forest tree species through in situ and ex situ conservation and improvement of production of quality forest seed and planting material of controlled origin, as well as active participation in the European program of protection of forest genetic diversity (EUFORGEN). Head of the Center is Prof. Dr. Mirjana Šijačić-Nikolić.


The Laboratory for wood anatomy is intended to explore the macroscopic, microscopic and submicroscopic structure of herbaceous and woody species. Temporary or permanent microscopic preparations are made in the laboratory on the basis of determination of the species, the age of the samples and the analysis of the anatomic structure.

It is intended for students of the Faculty of Forestry, as well as all forestry experts, botanists, paleontologists, who want to determine the botanical, dendrological, taxonomic affiliation of samples, as well as the basic technical characteristics of wood and its value in use, objectively and on the basis of macroscopic and microscopic structure.

The laboratory has a collection of (macroscopic and microscopic preparations), which is constantly increasing on a daily basis.

Head of the laboratory is prof. Dr. Dragica Vilotić.


The Laboratory for Biotechnology was founded in 2016 for the purpose of scientific research in areas related to the Chair of seed science, nursery practice and afforestation. The laboratory was formed from the equipment that was received from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, Project TR 310471: Forest plantations to increase the forest cover of Serbia, managed by prof. Dr. Dragica Vilotić, and members of Chair were mostly members of the research team.

The laboratory is a good starting point for the promotion of scientific research at the Chair of seed science, nursery practice and afforestation. It is open to master students and doctoral students as well as researchers from other institutions. It deals with the characterization of woody plants by applying  various molecular markers.

The appointed head of the laboratory  is Dr. Mirjana Šijačić -Nikolić, full professor of the University of Belgrade Faculty of Forestry. The appointed Deputy Head of the Laboratory Dr. Marina Nonić, associate professor at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Forestry, and the laboratory technician is graduate eng. Vaso Ivetić.

The laboratory is located in room 116a.


The Laboratory for the testing of seeds and seedlings was founded in 2005 and it belongs to the Department of seed science, nursery practice and afforestation. In addition to scientific research, laboratory exercises in the subject Seed science, nursery practice and afforestation of the Department of Forestry and the Department of Ecological Engineering for Soil and Water Resources Protection take place in the laboratory. The laboratory is available to students for their graduation papers, master’s degree theses and doctoral dissertations.

The laboratory offers services to third parties in the following areas:
• seed quality,
• seedlings quality,
• causes of seedling dieback.

The Laboratory for the testing of seeds and seedlings is authorized to examine the quality of seedlings and the issuance of the Declaration on the quality of seeds. It also provides the services of analysis and issuance of expert opinions on the reasons of plant dieback.

Head of the Laboratory is Dr. Vladan Ivetić, associate professor.