The Center for Teaching and Scientific Facilities


In 1901, the National Assembly of the Kingdom of Serbia donated the southwestern part of the Majdanpečka domena /7,715.45 ha / to King Alexander I Obrenović. After the assassination of King Alexander and Queen Draga in 1903. Queen Natalija, as the only heir, donated this forest to the University of Belgrade as a sign of gratitude to the Belgrade students who prevented her exile from Serbia in 1891.
The validity of this gift was significantly delayed due to numerous legal problems, changes in the ruling dynasty, the First World War, etc.
Only in 1923, the First Instance Court made a decision to give the Domena to the University of Belgrade for free disposal as a gift from Queen Natalija. For the direct execution of tasks in the field, an administration was established in Debeli Lug in 1927 and a forest engineer was appointed head of adiministration. In order to avoid paying high taxes in 1940, Natalino was declared a special Scientific Institute, an experimental area of all faculties. Field classes before and during the war were not organized due to lack of accommodation, public roads and distance from Belgrade. Soon these forests were under the impact of the Agrarian Reform, but it was realized that without field teaching it is not possible to successfully train new staff in forestry. The first field classes were held in 1948, but in very poor accommodation conditions.
When the Faculty of Forestry became independent, with the separation from the Faculty of Agriculture, there was a need to own several facilities where scientific research and complex demonstration classes would be performed. The action for obtaining experimental estates began in 1952. After more than 2 years, in 1956, the Executive Council of the People’s Republic of Serbia awarded two experimental estates to the Faculty of Forestry. Those were Goč – Gvozdačka reka in the area (3,731 ha) and University Domena (2,078 ha) in Majdanpek.
In 1957, immediately after receiving the allocated forests, the management of the Faculty passed the Decision on the establishment of the School experimental estate Momčilo Popović with its headquarters in Belgrade and two forest administrations in Kraljevo and Debeli Lug near Majdanpek.
In the period from 1958 to 1968, the management of the experimental estate was harmonized with certain legal regulations, and at the end of 1964, the estate received the status of an independent institution that performs activities in the field of education of special interest. The period from 1964 to 1969 was burdened by frequent organizational changes, and essential changes in the organization took place in 1977 with the adoption of the Law on Associated Labor, when the Forest Experimental Center Kraljevo was transformed into a BOAL with the status of a legal entity which received its bank account in 1988. The Law on Enterprises abolishes BOALs and concludes that the Faculty of Forestry as the founder and the Forest Experimental Center Kraljevo should be merged.
On 1st January,1989 both BOALs and work community became parts of the Faculty of Forestry in Belgrade and they received the following titles:
1. Teaching-scientific base Beograd
2. Teaching-scientific base Goč Kraljevo and
3. Teaching-scientific base Majdanpečka domena
The teaching bases are used for organizing and teaching and for the realization of other forms of work in the execution of the curriculum and programme of education and scientific research. Greater emphasis is also placed on recreational tourist activities.

Center for Teaching and Scientific Facilities
Head of Center Dr. Nenad Petrović nenad.petrovic@sfb.bg.ac.rs +381 (11) 3053 933


Sector of planning, analysis and control of forest production and commercial activities, with headquarters at the Faculty of Forestry in Belgrade
Professional associate for commercial activities Vlajnić M. Aleksandar aleksandar.vlajnic@sfb.bg.ac.rs +381 (11) 3053 961
Professional associate for Forestry Perišić S. Borivoje borivoje.perisic@sfb.bg.ac.rs +381 (11) 3053 964
Professional associate for commercial-touristic                                                     activities Milošević Vesna vesna.milosevic@sfb.bg.ac.rs +381 (11) 3053 964
Clerk for invoicing of goods and services Koštan U. Marina marina.kostan@sfb.bg.ac.rs +381 (11) 3053 962