The Goč Teaching Base

The natural asset “Goč – Gvozdac” is located in central Serbia, between the Ibar and the West Morava. To the north, this massif is connected with Mt. Stolovi, and to the south it leans on the massif of Mt. Željin and the slopes of Mt. Kopaonik. According to the administrative-territorial division, the area of Mt. Goč belongs to the municipalities of Kraljevo and Vrnjačka Banja.
The Goč teaching base is an extremely forested mountain area, which has been declared a teaching and scientific research centre in Serbia as a characteristic forest mosaic of autochthonous tree species of Serbia, and as such this centre has been improving and developing for fifty years. The representativeness of this area is reflected in the presence of 650 plant species, of which some are endemic, rare, endangered and internationally important.
The Goč teaching base can be reached by the main road Kraljevo – Ribnica – Beranovac, where the regional road Beranovac – Kamenica – Brezna separates and near the town of Višnjica (Preslo) you enter the Goč – Gvozdac forest, as well as via the main road Kraljevo – Raška near Gokčanica.