Boris Radić

Associate Professor
Phone: +381 (11) 3053 942
E-mail: boris.radic@sfb.bg.ac.rs
Cabinet: North wing, office number 3
Consultation: Wednesdays 13-15h

Boris Radic was born on March 27, 1982, in Jagodina (Republic of Serbia) where he finished elementary school and natural-mathematical direction of the high school. He started bachelor studies at the Faculty of Forestry in Belgrade in 2000 (Department of Landscape Architecture and Horticulture). In 2007 he enrolled in doctoral studies (study program Environmental Engineering in the Protection of Land and Water Resources). After enrolling doctoral studies, as a beneficiary of the Ministry of Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia, he has been engaged in several projects of the science of the Faculty of Forestry. He received the CEEPUS scholarship for the summer semester of 2009 for training at Corvinus University (Budapest, Hungary). In 2011, he was employed at the Faculty of Forestry as a research associate on the project “Research on Climate Change and their Impact on the Environment: Monitoring of Impact, Adaptation, and Mitigation”. At the end of November 2014, he defended his doctoral dissertation titled “Erosion as a factor of degradation of the area in the ski centers of Serbia” and received a scientific title of doctor of biotechnical sciences. Since February 2015, he is employed as a part of Department of Landscape Architecture and Horticulture at the Faculty of Forestry as an Assistant professor in the group of subjects of the Chair of Planning and Design in Landscape Architecture. During his work, with his professors and colleagues, he published over 55 papers in scientific journals, of which 10 in journals with SCI. He participated in several scientific conferences, professional exhibitions and as a member of the expert jury. As an expert in the field of landscape ecology, applications of GIS methods and techniques, landscape planning, water protection, and conservation, he participated in more than 80 professional and scientific projects. He is a member of the Association of Landscape Architects of Serbia.

Research interests

Landscape architecture and horticulture

Engaging Teaching

Bachelor’s degree studies

  • Introduction to landscape architecture
  • Landscape ecology
  • Landscape planning
  • Application of GIS in the protection of land and water resources

Master’s degree studies

  • Landscape planning and landscape design – studio

Doctoral studies

  • Landscape metric

Selected papers

  • Vasiljević N., Radić B., Gavrilović S., Šljukić B., Medarević M., Ristić R. (2018): The concept of green infrastructure and urban landscape planning: a challenge for urban forestry planning in Belgrade, Serbia. iForest – Biogeosciences and Forestry 11: 491-498.
  • Ristić R., Radić B., Trivan G., Malušević I. (2014): Z., Vasiljević N. (2012): „Blue-green“ corridors as a tool for erosion and stream control in highly urbanized areas – case study of Belgrade city, Hydrology in a changing world: environmental and human dimensions, vol. 363, 315–320.
  • Ristić R., Kašanin-Grubin M., Radić B., Nikić Z., Vasiljević N. (2012): Land degradation in ski resort “Stara planina”, Environmental Management, No. 49, pg. 580–592.
  • Radić B., Ristić R., Vasiljević N., Malušević I. (2014): Modification of landscape stability as response on rural depopulatioin: example of watershed of Kupinovačka river, Serbia, CATENA VERLAG, Advances in GeoEcology 43, pg. 297–307.
  • Vasiljević N., Radić B. Šljuikić B., Ristić R. (2016): Landscape planning and green infrastructure in Serbia: From national to Belgrade city planning, Proceedings of 5th Fábos Conference on Landscape and Greenway Planning – Landscapes and Greenways of Resilience, Budapest, 01 July, 2016, pp. 389- 397.