Exchanges and visits of students, teaching and research staff at the international level

In June 2014, the Faculty of Forestry hosted a group of ten students and two professors from the Moscow State Forestry University, who paid a 10-day study visit to the teaching base on Mt. Goč, where they had the opportunity to attend lectures of our professors from the department forestry, which were specially organized for that occasion.

In July 2015, a group of 8 students and 2 professors of the Department for Forestry of the Faculty of Forestry in Belgrade, paid a 10-day study visit to the Moscow State University.

In May 2013, the Faculty of Forestry in Belgrade hosted a group of 40 students and 10 teachers from the Faculty of Forestry, University of Isparta Suleyman Demirel, Turkey. During a day-long visit they were taken to the Arboretum of the Faculty and the Forest Administration on Mt. Avala, and an initiative on cooperation between the two universities was launched.

In 2015, a group of twenty students and four professors of the Department for Ecological Engineering paid a visit to the Brno University of Technology, where they learned about their work and practical examples in the field of land and water conservation.

In September 2015, two undergraduate students, 2 master’s degree students and 3 professors of the Department of TMP participated at the First Student Conference in the framework of the international student project “Innovation School Sprungbrett” in Biel in Switzerland, where final papers and master papers were presented, as well as their knowledge in the field of technology and design of furniture and wood products.

The cooperation from 2015 continued and for four years in succession a bilateral exchange is implemented at the master level between the Department of Ecological Engineering for Soil and Water Resources Protection and the Technical-Technological University from Brno, Czech Republic. Groups of 10 students and 6 teachers pay bilateral study visits as part of a master field training course, which takes place both in Serbia and Czech Republic. The responsible person in Serbia is prof. Dr. Miodrag Zlatić.

The third conference of the World Association of Soil and Water Conservation (WASWAC) was held from 22 to 26 August, 2016 at the Faculty of Forestry in Belgrade and in the premises of the Šumadija Hotel. More than 200 participants from 33 countries around the world took part in the event. The main topic was new challenges and strategies in this filed. The organizers are the World Association of Soil and Water Conservation (WASWAC) and the Faculty of Forestry (University of Belgrade). The program excursions were organized in Lepenski Vir and Radmilovac (experimental area of the Faculty of Agriculture). The president of the organizing committee is prof. Dr. Miodrag Zlatić.

On 16 june, 2017, Mr. Bruce Noble from the Black Canyon National Park (USA) gave a lecture at the Amphitheater of the University of Belgrade Faculty of Forestry, in which he presented the way of work and management in the protected area of this national park. After the lecture discussion with the staff of the Faculty of Forestry, the delegation of the US Embassy and Mr. Noble visited the Arboretum and Faculty campus. In addition, during the visit, a meeting of the team of this American National Park was organized with the representatives of the Serbian Tara National Park in the premises of the Faculty of Forestry in the aim of experience exchange.

At the end of 2016, an invitation was received by the Faculty of Forestry in Belgrade through the Rectorate of the University of Belgrade to establish cooperation with the North East University of Forestry in Harbin (China). On this occasion, electronic brochures of these two institutions were exchanged with contents available at the Faculties, and the program of scholarships for foreign students at this Chinese university was presented.

At the end of 2016, the Faculty of Forestry was visited by a delegation of the Northwest A&F University from Shaanxi (China). The aim of the visit of the Dean and the Vice-Dean of the College of Natural Resources and the Environment was to examine the possibility of attending doctoral and master studies of the China-funded Chinese University (CSCprogram), organizing working meetings with teaching staff and students, a discussion about the involvement of professors in teaching at the University of Belgrade, interviews with students and writing proposals for cooperation. The contact person for this cooperation is prof. Dr. Miodrag Zlatić.

Delegation of the Faculty of Forestry of Istanbul University visited the Faculty of Forestry on May 19, 2017, as part of their visit to Forestry faculties of the Balkans. On this occasion, a program of possible forms of cooperation was presented (exchange of professors and students, projects, conferences, etc.), and partners from Turkey were given a brochure about the University of Belgrade Faculty of Forestry in English. After a short presentation of the two institutions, the staff from corresponding chairs and departments at the two faculties gathered in the faculty hall to connect and exchange contacts.

In August 2017, one of the 11 papers selected from around the world in the final of the Asian Digital Modeling Contest – ADMC 2017 in Tokyo (Japan) was the paper of Dr. Biljana Jovic, Assistant Professor of the Faculty of Forestry, University of Belgrade. It is the paper under title “Natalie Ramonda Pavillion”, a biomimetic 3D model inspired by the Ramonda natalie P & P flower, which was also shown at the exhibition of the Asian Graphic Arts Forum (AFGS 2017). On that occasion, cooperation with the University of Technology (TUT) was initiated, which is currently at the level of writing papers for journals and conferences, with the intention to expand this form of cooperation to other forms of cooperation between these two institutions.

In October 2017, the Faculty of Forestry was visited by a delegation of the National Forest Center from the town of Zvolen in Slovakia, which consists of 4 institutes. The delegation included the director of the national center – Dr Ľuboš Halvoň with the directors of the institutes: Dr. Milan Sarvas (Institute for Forest Consulting and Education Zvolen, NFC-IFCE Zvolen), Dr. Ing. Tomas Bucha (Forest Research Institute Zvolen, NFC-FRI Zvolen) and the director of the Institute for Forest Resources and Information Zvolen, NFC-IFRI Zvolen. On that occasion, it was agreed to work on the realization of cooperation between the two institutions.

In October 2017, a meeting with international participation was held in Kraljevo as part of a project aimed at reintroduction of deer called SRBREDDEER. The project manager is prof. Dr. Dragan Gačić. In addition to participants from the region, i.e. from Croatia and Slovenia, a prominent Italian zoologist Marko Apolonio from the University of Sassari in Italy attended this conference. After this meeting he provided an extremely valuable donation of 70 deer individuals that will be reintroduced to selected sites in Serbia from the Italian national park “Foreste Casentinesi”.

In November 2017, prof. Dr. Dragan Gačić was the organizer of the second international meeting on wild boar and other ungulates (WILDBOAR MEETING) of the EUROUNGULATES organization, whose member is the Faculty of Forestry. The meeting was held at the hunting facility Pheasant farm in Ub. The meeting was attended by 26 participants from 16 countries, namely from Lithuania, Russia, Hungary, Spain, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Slovenia, Serbia, etc.

Within the exchange program ERASMUS +, a visit has been arranged for teaching and administrative staff from the Faculty of Forestry to the University of Eastern Finland, i.e. School of Forest Sciences for the period 25. – 31. March, 2018. The aim of the visit will be to deepen and continue the cooperation, as well as to connect with teaching and administrative staff from Finland, who will have the opportunity to pay a return visit to Serbia within the framework of this program by 31st July, 2018. The contact person in connection for this cooperation is Dr. Katarina Lazić.