Chair subjects

Undergraduate studies

  • Hydrogeology with geomorphology (code: EI32313).
  • Materials in erosion control works (code: EI 32417)
  • Fundamentals in geotechnics in torrent control (code: EI 32418)
  • Borrow pits and material reserves (code: EI 33525Б).

Master studies

  • Protection and ecological use of phreatic aquifer waters (code: М41106D)
  • Borrow pits and material reserves (code: М41106C)
  • Landslides rehabilitation (code: М41112B)

Doctoral studies

  • Interaction between soils and phreatic aquifer waters (code: D11002EI25)
  • Methods of monitoring of soils erosion and torrential processes (code: DM4.0111B)