Centers/ Laboratories

Geotechnical Laboratory

Geotechnical Laboratory is equipped with appliances for testing physical and mechanical properties of soils. It has equipment for determining: the parameters of shear resistance, deformable characteristics, granulometric analysis, volumetric weight and Atteberg consistency limits. Tests are carried out in terms of studying soil resistance characteristics to erosion processes, characteristics of soils for the construction of facilities in torrent control and erosion control works. In addition, experiments are set up for scientific purposes and demonstration experiments for students. The laboratory is located on the ground floor of the Faculty of Forestry, cabinet no. 7. Head of the Geotechnical Laboratory is Dr. Grozdana Gajić, full professor.

Center for groundwaters of forest ecosystems

The Center is engaged in scientific research within the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Forestry. Activities of the Center are:
– Research and application of modern approaches for possible use of groundwater in environmental protection and conservation of forest ecosystems;
– The establishment of international scientific and technical cooperation (networking, projects, conferences);
– Development of programs and guidance for the use of aquifer waters in order to protect soil and water resources;
– Promotion of the the role of groundwaters in maintenance and achievement of the vitality of forest ecosystems;
– Provision of design and consulting services (preparation of scientific and technical projects, studies and surveys);
– Monitoring of the quantitative and qualitative regime of phreatic aquifers important for the protection of soil and water resources and development of forest ecosystems;
– Preparation of expert documents, analysis and strategic framework for the use of groundwater in the areas of ​​forest ecosystems;
– Positioning of the Faculty of Forestry at the level of the scientific achievements of developed countries in the field of Centre activity.

Location of the Centre, cabinet no. 2.

Head of Center – Dr. Zoran Nikić, full professor