Guidelines for Authors


The Bulletin of the Faculty of Forestry publishes review and original scientific papers in the fields of Forestry and Nature Conservation, Wood Technologies, Landscape Architecture and Horticulture and Ecological Engineering for Soil and Water Resources Protection.

Two issues of the journal are published annually (in JUNE and DECEMBER). The submission of manuscripts for the JUNE issue of the journal is until April 15 of the current year, and the submission of manuscripts for the DECEMBER issue is until October 15 of the current year.

The manuscripts shall be submitted in Serbian or English:

If the manuscripts are submitted and printed in SERBIAN (Cyrillic alphabet), the abstract, keywords, titles of tables, figures (graphs/charts), pictures, schemes, etc. are listed bilingually – first in Serbian, and below that in English.

If the manuscripts are submitted and printed in ENGLISH, the abstract, keywords, titles of tables, figures (graphs/charts), pictures, schemes, etc. are listed bilingually – first in English, and below that in Serbian (for authors whose mother tongue is not Serbian only in English).

A review paper is a comprehensive overview of a scientific problem or area of research, based on already published scientific papers, which contain original analyses, syntheses and proposals for further research, and is based on other previously published articles (provides information on a particular topic from various written publications). The review paper should contain at least 10 self-quotes per author.

Header – The name of the author, title and the affiliate institution of the author, ORCID, as well as the author’s e-mail address for correspondence with the Editorial Board shall be written in the upper left corner.

Title – The title should be short, clear and express the essence of the research without using abbreviations (except exceptionally, e.g. pH, etc.) and italics, and it should also not specify the names of species in both Serbian and Latin.

Abstract – The area, subject and achieved results of the research should be expressed as concisely as possible, and the length of the abstract should not exceed 150 words.

Keywords – It is mandatory to specify the keywords (name of the tested species, substances, locality, concepts of results, etc.), and their number should not exceed 5.

Text – The basic chapters of the article are INTRODUCTION, MATERIALS AND METHODS, RESULTS, DISCUSSION, and CONCLUSIONS. The introduction provides the basic research ideas (subject, goal and purpose). The material and methods are the part in which the applied methods and techniques are described. In the chapter results, the data obtained by the research to which the article relates are presented, and in the discussion, the author links his/her research to the already achieved results in the given field, i.e. with the subject of the article, opportunities for further research, reveals the theoretical and practical implications of his/her discoveries and points to insufficiently examined aspects and claims that require additional investigation. In conclusion, the results of the research, claims based on the obtained results, views, recommendations and the like are exhaustively presented.

Tables and charts – Tables and figures/charts should significantly contribute to a better understanding and interpretation of the research results. The same data should not be presented in both ways. Deto should not be used in tables. Figures (Charts) should be made in Excel and attached to the text of the manuscript as special files (Figure 1.xls; Figure 2.xls, etc.). Mark the position of the chart in the text of the article. If the article is printed in Serbian, the captions of the charts and tables must be written bilingually (Serbian-English), and if the article is printed in English also bilingually (English-Serbian, i.e. in English only for authors whose mother tongue is not Serbian).

Photos and drawings – They should represent a characteristic detail, appearance and the like. Photos and drawings must be contrasting and sharp. Unclear and blurry photos will not be printed. Photos are submitted in one of the standard formats (BMP, TIF, JPG, GIF or PSD), in a resolution of at least 300×300 dpi (preferably 600×600 dpi), and in a scale of 1:1. If the resolution is less than 300×300 dpi, photos will not be accepted for printing, as well as if they are given within the file of the document itself (within the Word file). Since these requirements usually result in large files, the original photographs should be attached together with the manuscript as separate files (Picture 1, Picture 2, etc.; Drawing 1, Drawing 2, etc.), which ensures that higher quality is achieved when preparing for printing. Mark the position of the pictures and drawings in the text of the article. Drawings can be submitted in the DXF, DWG, CDR, WMF, EPS or AI formats. If the article is printed in Serbian, the captions of pictures and drawings must be written bilingually (Serbian-English), and if the article is printed in English also bilingually (English-Serbian, i.e. in English only for authors whose mother tongue is not Serbian).

If the article has more than one author, before listing the literature used, indicate the contribution of each author (e.g. data collection, data processing and analysis, text writing, etc.)

References – Only references given in the text are to be listed in the references section. Citation of unpublished articles is only possible in the text as personal communication or unpublished data. It is not necessary to add spaces between letters when citing literature sources in the text. All sources, both in the text and in the list of references, are listed in Latin alphabetical order as follows:

[surname] [first letter of name]. (year of publication): [article title], [name of journal or book], [publisher], [place of publication], [(page number from-to)].


Journal article:

Nedeljković J., Poduška Z., Krgović D., Nonić D. (2021): Cooperation and Business Connection of Small and Medium Enterprises in Forestry and Wood Industry in the South Kučaj Forest Area, Bulletin of the Faculty of Forestry (123), University of Belgrade – Faculty of Forestry, Belgrade, (111-144)

In the text:

(Nedeljković et al., 2021)

Monographic publication:

Bobinac M. (2011): Ekologija i obnova higrofilnih lužnjakovih šuma Ravnog Srema, Hrvatski šumarski institut, Institut za Šumarstvo Beograd, Zagreb

In the text:

(Bobinac, 2011)

Chapter in a book or conference proceedings:

Pantic D., Medarevic M., Borota D. (2016): National Forest Inventories Reports-Serbia, In: Vidal et al. (Eds.), National Forest Inventories–Assessment of wood availability and use, Springer, Cham., (709-730)

In the text:

(Pantić et al., 2016)

Sources without authors:

Sort them by the first letter of the article title, so that only the year of publication precedes the title. If there are multiple sources without an author, but from the same year, then put a slash after the year and a letter that the source has in the alphabetical order of the source from the given year, e.g.: (2022/a), (2022/b), etc.

(2021): Posebna osnova gazdovanja šumama za GJ. “Crna reka“, Univerzitet u Beogradu-Šumarski fakultet, Beograd

In the text:


Web page:

Chicago/Turabian Style. The Writing Center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, from:http://www.unc.edu/depts/wcweb/handouts/chicago.html.(accessed/pristupljeno 15.05.2008. god.).

In the text:


It is desirable that the authors provide a DOI number for those references for which it exists in the list of used literature.

Mathematical Formulas – They are to be produced in the formula editor in Word or MathType. Formulas should be written according to mathematical notation. E.g. consistently put a “times” sign (.) wherever necessary [should a.(m.k-v), not a(mk-v) or ax(mk-v)]. Care must also be taken to ensure that the indices (Xy) and exponents (Xy) are properly placed, so that errors do not occur in formulas.

Other notes

The manuscripts are reviewed, the reviewers determine the category of the manuscript, and the reviewers are determined by the Editor-in-Chief.

Submit the manuscript (text and accompanying files) to the Editorial Board in the electronic form, in the aforementioned file formats for text, i.e. figures (charts), pictures and drawings, as well as a signed and scanned statement on the originality of the manuscript, stating that it has neither been previously published, nor that its publication in another journal is being considered, to the e-mail: glasnik@sfb.bg.ac.rs

Font style Calibri, size 12 pt.

Measurement units should be expressed in the International System of Units (SI).

Values from 1-9 can be expressed alphabetically, and other numbers can be expressed exclusively numerically. Use common abbreviations, and in other cases use the full form when first mentioned in the text, and further only the abbreviation can be used. This should be used moderately, and only in cases of frequent repetition of a multi-word term throughout the entire submitted manuscript.

By adhering to the above rules, you will accelerate the publication of your manuscript and contribute to the quality of the journal.

                                            EDITORIAL BOARD OF THE BULLETIN OF THE FACULTY OF FORESTRY