Marko Perović

Associate Professor
Phone: +381 (11) 3053 801
E-mail: marko.perovic@sfb.bg.ac.rs
Cabinet: 122
Consultation: Autumn semester: Wednesday 1-2 PM and Friday 10-11 AM. Spring semester: Tueday 2-3 PM and Friday 11-12 AM

Dr Marko Perović was born in July 23rd 1977. in Sombor, Serbia. He graduated at the Faculty of Forestry-course Forestry in 2002. He finished magister work in 2007., and deffended doctoral dissertation in 2014., under the title: „Taxonomy and site influence on characteristics of Greek maple (Acer heldreichii Orph.) in Serbia“, at the University of Belgrade-Faculty of Forestry.

In the period from February 23rd to May 23rd 2004. as well as from November 26th to December 22nd 2007. he conducted scientific specialization in Johan Heinrich von Thünen Institute in Hamburg, Germany, as scholarship holder of the University of Hamburg. In the period from July 25th to October 15th he had scientific specialization in Georg-August University in Göttingen, Germany. From May 8th and 22nd he had a short term scientific research in  Institute for plant genetics in Florence, Italy.

He is a co-author of university textbook “Dendrology” (2016), auxiliary textbook “Practicum of Dendrology” (2016)  and guidebook “Guidebook for Determination of most important native Oaks” (2012). He published over 50 scientific papers. He participated as a mentor, or a member of defending comission of 12 master theses and 95 final papers. He was involved in realization of 10 scientific projects, and two COST actions.

He speaks English, German and Russian language.

Special topics

dendrology, floristics, plant ecology, ecology of plant communities

Engaging Teaching

Bachelor studies

  1. Dendrology
  2. Endemic and endangered woody species in Serbia
  3. Economic geography of forest resources

Master studies

  1. Dendrology

Doctoral studies

  1. Dendrology

Selected papers

  1. Perovic, M, Prinz, K, Finkeldey, R, Cvjeticanin, R. (2012): Genetic variation of greek maple (Acer heldreichii Orph.) populations in the western balkan region. Allgemeine Forst- und Jagdzeitung 11-12/2012. J.D. Sauerländer’s Verlag. Bad Orb; 248-255
  2. Cvjetićanin, R, Krstić, M, Janić, M, Nikić, Z, Perović, M. (2012): Vegetation-climate characteristics of Goč mountain in Serbia. Proceedings of international scientific conference „Forests in the future-Sustainable use, risks and challenges“. Institute of Forestry. Belgrade, Serbia; 529-536
  3. Cvjetićanin, R, Knežević, M, Košanin, O, Perović, M, Novaković-Vuković, M. (2012): Floristic and edaphic characteristics of balkan beech and turkish hazel plant community (Corylo colurnaeFagetum Jov. 1979) in national park „Đerdap“ in Serbia. Proceedings of international scientific conference „Forests in the future-Sustainable use, risks and challenges“. Institute of Forestry. Belgrade, Serbia; 217-227
  4. Cvjetićanin, R, Košanin, O, Janić, M, Nikić, Z, Perović, M, Novaković-Vuković, M. (2013): Floristic and edaphic characteristics of beech-heather plant community (CallunoFagetum moesiaceae Cvj. 2003) in national park „Đerdap“. Proceedings of international scientific conference “Forestry science and practice for the purpose of sustainable development of Forestry-20 years of the Faculty of Forestry in Banja Luka“. University of Banja Luka. Republik of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina; 229-243.
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