Milorad Danilović

Full Professor
Phone: +381 (11) 3053 834
E-mail: milorad.danilovic@sfb.bg.ac.rs
Cabinet: 65
Consultation: Monday, 12-14 h.; Wednesday 12‒14 h

Milorad Danilović graduated from the Department of Forestry at the Faculty of Forestry of University of Belgrade in 1991. After graduation, he worked in Forest Office Gračac. In 1997 he was hired at the Faculty of Forestry of University of Belgrade as a teaching assistant trainee. He defended his Master Thesis in 2000 and was hired as a teaching assistant in the following year, at the Chair of Forest Utilization. He defended his doctoral dissertation in 2006 and was elected as an Assistant Professor in the same year. In 2011 he was elected as an Associate Professor and in 2016 as a Full Professor. He worked as a visiting professor at the Faculty of Forestry of University of Banja Luka from 2012 to 2015. The area of his research is forest utilization, forestry mechanization, forest openness and utilization of forest biomass. He participates in bachelor, master and PhD studies. In his scientific career so far, independently or in collaboration with other authors, he has published 130 papers in international or domestic journals and conferences. He is a co-author of a practicum intended for subject Forest utilization and the author of the textbook Utilization of non-wood forest products. He is the author of 2 monographs and participated in the preparation of 3 more monographs. He was project manager of 14 and participated as a member in 17 domestic and international scientific research projects. He was a master thesis mentor and a member of commissions for preparation and defense for more than 70 master theses. He was PhD mentor of two defended PhD theses, and is currently a PhD mentor of 4 PhD theses in process. He is the President of the Expert Board of the Chamber of Forestry Engineers of Serbia. He is the Head of the Chair of Forest utilization and the director of two teaching bases. He is a member of a number of international and national organizations.

Research interests

  • Forest utilization
  • Forestry mechanization
  • Forest biomass for energy
  • Forest openness

Engaging Teaching

Undergraduate studies

  • Forest utilization 1 and 2
  • Utilization of non-wood forest products
  • Safety at work within forest utilization
  • Ichthyo-potentials of forest areas
  • Forestry mechanization

Master’s degree studies

  • Research methods and techniques in the use of forest and hunting resources
  • Forest biomass for energy
  • Forest opening
  • Collection and processing of non-wood forest products

Doctoral studies

  • Techniques of scientific research
  • Forest exploitation techniques and technologies
  • Utilization of forests under a special protection regime
  • Optimization of forest road infrastructure
  • Mechanization within forest utilization

Selected papers

  1. Danilovic, M. (2011): Study of the quality factors in the poplar plantations Populus×euramericana ‘I-214’ from the aspect of implementing national and european round wood quality standards. Wood Research 56 (3):413-428.
  2. Danilović, M, Antonić, S., Đorđević., Z., Vojvodić, P. (2016): Forest utilization-related occupational injuries in the area of the feSremska Mitrovica”, Journal of Forestry Society of Croatia, 11-12.
  3. Danilović M., Kosovski M., Gačić D., Stojnić D., Antonić S. (2015). Damage to residual trees and regeneration during felling and timber extraction in mixed and pure beech stand. Journal of Forestry Society of Croatia. 5-6:253-262.
  4. Danilović M, Grujović D., Milovanović B., Karić S. (2014): Evaluation of a modified half-tree method of broadleaves with crown parts. New Forestry Mechanization.Volume 35:35-50.
  5. Danilović, M., Poje, A., Karić, S. (2014). Noise exposure of a tractor driver at skidding of wood assortments in hilly-mountaineous areas. Bulletin of the Faculty of Forestry 110:45-58.
  6. Danilović M., Stojnić D., Vasiljević V., Gačić D. (2013): Biomass from short rotation energy plantation of black locust on tailing dump of “field B” open pit in “Kolubara” mining basin. New Forestry Mechanization.Volume 34:11-21.
  7. Danilović M., Tomašević I., Gačić D. (2011): Efficiency of John Deere 1470D ECO III Harvester in Poplar Plantations. Croatian journal of forest engineering 32(2):533-549.
  8. Danilović, M., Gačić, D. (2014) Sustainable use of forest and hunting resources. Bulletin of the Faculty of Forestry. Special edition due to scientific conference – Forests of Serbia and sustainable development. 25-51.
  9. Danilović M., Ljubojević D. (2013): Forest opening with a secondary road network. Bulletin of the Faculty of Forestry 108:25-38.
  10. Stefanović, B., Stojnić, D., Danilović, M. (2015). Multi-criteria forest road network planning in fire-prone environment: a case study in Serbia, Journal of Environmental Planning and Management.Vol. 59 (5): 911-926.