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Laboratory for Soil Quality Monitoring

The Laboratory for Soil Quality Monitoring belongs to the Chair of Amelioration and the Department of Ecological engineering for soil and water resources protection.  

In collaboration with other laboratories of the Faculty (Soil Laboratory, Phytopathological Laboratory, etc.) the Laboratory for Soil Quality Monitoring performs analyses of soil, sediment and plant material primarily in order to define the quality of soil and sediment.
The laboratory is equipped with modern equipment for teaching activity, and is used for the realization of research projects of the Ministry of Education and Science, as well as other projects of the Faculty. Thanks to the exceptionally high staff engagement of the Laboratory for Soil Quality Monitoring in cooperation with the pedological laboratory and their modern equipment, there is a possibility for students of all levels of study (undergraduate, master’s and doctoral), as well as researchers from other institutions to successfully implement their experimental tasks.

The Laboratory for Soil Quality Monitoring performs the analysis of intensive study of soils, sediment and plant material including:
– Determination of the total, pseudo-total and accessible contents of trace elements and heavy metals (Cu, Zn, Pb, Cd, Ni, Cr, Co, Fe, Mn, Ca, Mg, Hg) method AAS from prepared samples;
– Determination of the content of exchangeable Ca, Mg, Mn, Fe;
– Determination of oxalate aluminum;
– Determination of total carbon and nitrogen;
– Determination of DOC.

The most important equipment: microwave oven for the destruction of the samples (Mars 5 Microwave unit), atomic absorption spectrophotometer (SOLAAR MkII M5 Dual AA Spectrometer) centrifuge with cooling (4K15, SIGMA LABOR ZENTRIFUGEN) shaker for Erlenmeyer flasks, scales, dryer Sutjeska, digester.

Head of Laboratory: Dr. Snežana Belanović Simić, Assoc. prof.
e-mail: snezana.belanovic@sfb.bg.ac.rs

Cooperate: Measurement and sample reception – Grad eng. Branislava Mihajlović.


e-mail: branislava.mihajlović@sfb.bg.ac.rs

Center for Terrestrial Ecosystem Critical Load Assessment

The Center was established to implement a modern, integrated concept in the study of soils of terrestrial ecosystems, as well as to define the guidelines for long-term protection and preservation of soil functions in the Republic of Serbia. The center will promote and implement a methodology to assess the quality and the threat of soils that are in compliance with EU methodologies. A special aspect of the work of the Centre is the implementation of modern and dynamic models of geoinformation systems in the study area of ​​terrestrial ecosystems.

▪ definition of sensitive components of soil ecosystems in the function of preserving biodiversity, soil productivity, as well as other functions and services of forest ecosystems;
▪ the program of necessary scientific research in the field of soil science;
▪ establishment of the information systems (collection, compilation and harmonization of relevant data on forest soils in an integrated information system);
▪ establishment of international scientific cooperation (networking, projects, conferences);
▪ development of a program of continuous monitoring of the physical and chemical degradation of soil pollutants of terrestrial ecosystems;
▪ guidelines for the conservation, protection and enhancement of productive capacity of soils in  terrestrial ecosystems;
▪ development of professional projects;
▪ education, information (organization of courses, lectures, etc.).
▪ development of official documents and strategic frameworks in the field of environmental protection.

Office no. 111
Head of Center: Dr. Jelena Beloica, assistant professor