A word from the students

When entering university I had a great dilemma between technical faculties and natural sciences, after a short research I found both things in one – Ecological engineering for soil and water resources protection. From the beginnings of existance man is in constant correlation with nature, has always depended on it and has had little respect for it. In the Department of ecological engineering we are very much trying to respect its needs and help it in every possible way. Our goal is not to change nature, but at the same time try to preserve it and adapt it to our needs. Although it seems uncontrollable, nature can be controlled in certain ways – and it is precisely that control that we deal with at this department. Therefore, whoever opts for this department can be assured that with the professional staff and plenty of field courses they can gain knowledge and experience necessary for future work. Petar Nešković

Studying at the Department of ecological engineering for soil and water resources protection allows us to acquire professional knowledge in the field of soil conservation and regulation of water flows, which are scarce. Consideration of the problem has been combined with the environmental and engineering aspects, which has drawn me to this profession. The students are encouraged to do independent research, with the responsible supervision of a professor. The acquisition of knowledge is based not only on the proposed literature, but also on a variety of experiences of professors and field trainings. The system is very effective, because great success can be achieved with a small number of students. In particular, supervisors have a better insight into the activities, the ability to control and direct the studentstowards their desired interests. Filip Vasić

Everyone of us has a responsibility towards his/her decisions, and one of the most important life decisions is the choice of a faculty. I was instantly drawn to the title of engineer  for soil and water resources resources, and when I started with the study program, I knew that this was my future profession. Excellent cooperation between professors and students, field work, where I saw and learned a lot confirmed that I did not go wrong. If you want to be surrounded by nature and at the same time do something for it, our department is the right choice. Irena Stanišić

No matter how much studied, nature remains a mystery. But as long as we strive to understand its laws, respect it and bow to it – we will live. In this department we try to get closer to nature, and make nature closer to us, so that benefit is mutual. In the second year future profession still seems hazy, but the professors with their great knowledge and experience, interesting lectures and field work assure us that we are on the right path towards our future and survival. Angelina Novaković


Humanity as well as the flora and fauna are dependent on the quality of soil and water. The Department of Ecological engineering for soil and water resources protection enables us to learn how to preserve, save and improve them and improve our lives in harmony with nature. During the studies, numerous field trips, both in the country and abroad have enabled me to gain excellent practical application of the theory, share experience with colleagues from abroad and have good social life. If you want to learn how to live in harmony with nature, save resources for future generations, prevent adverse effects of natural disasters, great experience, generosity, knowledge and expertise of professors from the Department will help you with that. Natalija Momirović

Since childhood I have been a nature lover and wanted to give my contribution to preserving its beauty. That is why I decided to enroll in this department. Being an engineer of protection of soil and water resources is to be the builder and guardian of nature. The man works and his negative impact  is destructive for the environment  degrading soil and water resources. Nature needs hundreds of years to recover on its own, and we as engineers in the protection of soil and water resources, with our work and research projects can support  its recovery and significantly shorten the time it requires. This department is characterized by work in small groups, and thus excellent cooperation is established with professors and teaching assistants. A very important part of this department is field work. If like me you would like to contribute to nature and help preserve the two most important resources, water and soil with your projects, this is the right department for you. Dušan Furjanović

In order to improve the quality of life, throughout history man has been careless in spending natural resources and destroying nature, which has disturbed the balance and led to global changes on Earth as well as destructive processes. Department of Ecological engineering for soil and water resources protection is primarily designed to protect these natural resources from further erosion and awaken environmental awareness of people and the work on nature conservation. Through an interesting program future engineers gain knowledge in many fields such as forestry, water management and design, and in addition to the theoretical way of teaching practical method of teaching is very important, which includes tours of many sites where students can see the situation and projects in nature and interpret the most appropriate solutions that lead to the protection of eroded areas. The department is primarily engaged in the protection of water erosion and fight against natural disasters such as floods. Ana Bolić


As a master student of the Faculty of Forestry at the Department of Ecological engineering for soil and water resources protection, I am familiar with many environmental problems in the field of engineering. Through numerous field trainings and expertise of professors, at this department we develop environmental awareness and together we try to prevent many disasters that affect nature, and therefore the man. My task and the task of all of my colleagues is to prevent the emergence of new disasters and protect and restore natural resources, but also to influence people’s awareness towards preserving the environment. Future is ahead of us – join us. Jelena Petrović