Message of the President of the Department Council

Dear colleagues,
Respectable future students,

Engineers of Ecological Engineering for Soil and Water Resources Protection  have been educated  at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Forestry  for more than 60 years. This study program is unique in Serbia, and is fully in line with the modern needs of our society, but it is also complementary to the study programs of prestigious European universities. The development of disciplines in the field of ecological engineering is a response to the obvious need to “shape” the environment, with its permanent protection and preservation. Through this program you will learn how to: manage watersheds, protect soil and water from degradation and reduce the risk of floods and other aggressive natural disasters, do a project for protection and reclamation of degraded areas, and much more, to build sustainable systems in accordance with ecological principles that integrate social needs with the natural environment.

We have improved the existing study program and adjusted it to your needs, following modern trends in this field. Field classes are a compulsory part of the program in almost all subjects, especially the subjects of the third and fourth years of undergraduate studies. Future engineers in the field of Ecological Engineering for Soil and Water Resources Protection are trained to observe the environment and its problems using a multidisciplinary approach. This is especially reflected in field classes and elective courses that guide each student towards the subject of their personal interest. We are proud of the fruitful cooperation with professors and students of universities from Europe and other parts of the world, which we achieve through joint field classes, conferences, projects and exchanges.

The use, management and protection of soil and water resources and natural resources related to them, determine the policy of development of essential segments of society: agriculture, water management, forestry, certain industries, trade and environmental protection. For this reason, there is a constant need for experts in the protection of soil and water resources, who can find employment in these areas, in the public and private sectors.

Welcome to a team which implements responsible environmental management!

Dr. Mirjana Todosijević, Full Professor