The Chair of Planning and Design in Landscape Architecture

Chair: The Chair of Planning and Design in Landscape Architecture

Head of Chair: Dr. Boris Radić

Deputy Head of Chair: Dr. Milena Vukmirović

Chair Secretary: Dr, Suzana Gavrilović

Chair development: 

The Chair of planning and design in landscape architecture was developed in parallel with the development of the study program of landscape architecture at the Faculty of Forestry.
After the establishment of the Department of Landscape Architecture in 1960, which was then named the Department of residential greening, started the development of chairs within the Department.

Initially the focus of the Chair was design in landscape architecture. Along with the development and change in the approach to areas of landscape architecture also evolved the activities of the Chair. The Chair has changed its name: starting from the Chair of park design, and the Chair of green spaces design, to the Chair of Planning and Design in landscape architecture. In the beginning key area of ​​the Department was design, and later also planning in landscape architecture. The Chair developed courses that are parts of this area or are in the function of planning and design in landscape architecture.

A great contribution to the development of areas of the Chair was given by Professor Lazar Pribić, a former teacher of the subject Design of parks, then a doyen of landscape architecture in Serbia Stevan Milinkovic, the professor of the subjects Design of parks and Landscape arrangement, and later by Vladimir Macura, professor of urban planning. Since the establishment of the Chair significant contribution to its development was given by Ljiljana Vujković and Jasminka Cvejic, who were first teaching assistants and later professors of the subject Design of parks and landscape planning and arrangement