A word from the students


Ecology is a global trend. Wood has been returned to the pedestal, and in the Department of Wood Science and Technology of the Faculty of Forestry you will  gain knowledge about management, production and sales, develop your creative side by designing furniture and be able to quickly find an engineering job or start their own business. There are enough reasons for us to become colleagues! Tamara Miljković

Love of wood is in my blood. For four generations my family has been dealing with wood processing. Therefore, studies at the Department of Wood Science and Technology were the logical choice. The best thing about them was the third year and a range of extra-curricular activities. Numerous workshops, exhibitions and fairs have brought me new experience, awards, recognition and priceless pleasure. When we add collegiality and the friendly relationship that we have with professors, you have plenty of reasons to join us. Aleksandar Blagojević

“THAT’S IT” – I knew when I first came to the Faculty of Forestry, where my brother studied. If you аre good at science – the first year will pass in a moment. In the second year starts the enjoyment. Vocational subjects and plenty of practice. You also learn new things while enjoying with colleagues (and beautiful female colleagues) and also in our teaching-touristic base on Mt.Goč. Believe in the future ahead of you and you will know why you are here. Radomir Kuzmanović


The Department of Wood Science and Technology gives the largest number of options to all who love creativity and drawing or wood and furniture design. Increase in practical training and other changes that are being introduced are aimed at turning the potentials of the faculty into a score. That is we all need. Nikola Nimčević

Like most young people I find it hard to plan in advance, and I am a last minute person in too many things I do. Another thing about my unusual case is that I was not a good pupil and now I am a good student who desperately wants to become a better engineer. Another thing is that my colleague and one of the best students is my mother. Do not believe me? Neither, did I believe. What is more, I was the only one in the family who did not support her.
We do not compete, but today we both love our student generation, the knowledge that we gain, and the pride of our faculty – Arboretum, a protected nature park where I study and enjoy. Miloš Radulović

If you love nature and appreciate precious wood, if you are creative and precise, if you like the obviousness of what you are creating, If you love to experiment and explore and contribute to the development of the profession with your knowledge, as well as to society  as a whole – this is the right place for you. Welcome to our winning team. Nataša Radulović


The choice of a faculty is the choice of your future. I have always been interested in furniture and interior design, so I enrolled in the Department of Wood Science and Technology of the Faculty of Forestry. Here we have lectures and exercises in small groups, teachers encourage us to express our own creativity and achieve success in the field of production, management and design of furniture. We gain the knowledge that will enable us to find or start a business that meets our interests. Gabriela Fodor

Do things properly – do some sanding. Especially when you learn about grinding and polishing, polish yourself. Learn all about the technologies, management and design of furniture and wood products. Create, develop ideas, win awards! Be successful! Enroll in the Department of Wood Science and Technology! Emir Bećiragić

 If you want the mix of mathematical precision and creativity, the Department of Wood Science and Technology of the Faculty of Forestry is the right place for you.
Aleksandra Lazarević

Creativity and opportunities provided by the design and production of furniture and wood products are large, which is extremely important to every young man. In our department, we have lectures and exercises in small groups, and cooperation with professors and assistants encourages us to express our ideas in the best possible way. It means a lot to me. What about you? Maja Pejović

It may seem strange to you, even though I passed the entrance exam to the Faculty of Architecture, I enrolled in the Faculty of Forestry.  Although I initially preferred design and interior design, today I am in love with the science of wood. What I love most at my faculty is Exceptional communication with professors, which turns our learning into teamwork. Successful teamwork. Aleksandra Milojković

I do not like to swot. I love practical knowledge, nature and wood. I want a good and creative job. Therefore, I am a student at the Department of Wood Science and Technology of the Faculty of Forestry. Mile Marković

I love wood. It does not require much, and it can give a lot. For that reason at the Department of Wood Science and Technology I met colleagues who have graduated  from very different high schools. Some came from the wood processing school, some from high school, technical and art schools, and some from economic and law high schools. All of us joined the love of wood with creativity and desire for success. Ivan Ostojić