Forest Production and Exploitation

When it comes to forest management, the annual felling volume in the area of this teaching base is about 3500 m3 of gross wood volume, of which about 2500 m3 of beech and 500 m3 of oak and 500 m3 of other deciduous and coniferous trees. The typical characteristic of the forests in this area is that they are absolutely dominated by high stands, which are mostly pure beech or sessile oak stands. In addition to beech and sessile oak, almost all deciduous species of our dendroflora are present, and coniferous species have been introduced into crops.
As of this year, we have been performing almost all forest exploitation work with our own labor and machinery, after the LKT articulated tractor and KAMAZ truck were repaired and put into operation and after the employed cutters were equipped.
In addition to the new machinery, last year and this year, investments were made in the construction of forest truck roads and skid trails, and the renovation and equipment of buildings in the area.
The number of employees is 12 and the manager is eng. Vladimir Puđa 064 / 876-47-14.