Forest Production and Exploitation

There are two management units within the Teaching base:
1. Goč – Gvozdac “A” (economic forests)
2. Goč – Gvozdac “B” (reclamation unit)
MU Goč-Gvozdac “A”, which includes economic forests, consists of high stands of fir, beech, sessile oak and black pine. These stands, due to their development, production capacity and economic importance, form the main production part of the Goč-Gvozdac forest. This management unit is classified in the category of special-purpose forests. The catchment area of this MU is very rich in drinking water, which emphasizes the water protection role of these forests in the management priorities. The area of MU Goč-Gvozdac “A” is 3074.92 ha, of which 2993.27 ha are state-owned.
MU Goč-Gvozdac “B” as a reclamation unit with an area of 764.24 ha, of which 139.98 ha are within the boundaries of private property. The vegetation of this MU belongs to the belt of sessile oak forests. A smaller part of the area consists of artificially established stands of Austrian pine, as well as a small part of mixed forests of beech and fir. These are mainly forests with a certain degree of devastation, and therefore subject to the reclamation treatment.
The “Goč-Gvozdac” teaching base, as an integral part of the Center for teaching and scientific facilities of the Faculty of Forestry, deals with forest management and exploitation, silviculture, protection, nursery production, hunting, mechanical wood processing and other operations on the use of generally useful forest functions.
The Goč Teaching Base has 44 employees.