Violeta Babić

Associate Professor
Phone: +381 (11) 3053 896
E-mail: violeta.babic@sfb.bg.ac.rs
Cabinet: 128
Consultation: Monday 10‒12h; Thursday 12‒14h

Dr Violeta Babić was born in 1973 in Sremska Mitrovica. She finished primary school and secondary forestry-technological school in Sremska Mitrovica. She graduated in 1998 from the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Forestry, where she also received her master’s degree. During her postgraduate studies, she was a scholarship holder-talent of the Ministry of Science, Technology and

Development of the Republic of Serbia. She defended her doctoral dissertation in 2014 at the Faculty of Forestry, University of Belgrade, where she has been working since 2003. She was elected to the title of associate professor in 2019.
She is a mentor of 7 master’s theses, 1 doctoral dissertation, 1 final paper, member of 15 commissions for the defense of master’s theses, 3 commissions for the evaluation of the scientific basis of the topic of doctoral dissertations, 30 commissions for the defense of final papers. She participated in the realization of 12 scientific projects of the Ministry of Science and Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy of the Republic of Serbia. Since 2011, she has been participating in the work on the project Monitoring and assessment of air pollution and its effects on forest ecosystems in Serbia – Forest condition monitoring – Level II, NFC National Focal Centre for monitoring the condition – vitality of forests in the Republic of Serbia.

She was the secretary of the chair of Silviculture and a representative of the Faculty of Forestry in the professional and operational team of the Secretariat for Environmental Protection of the City of Belgrade with the task of taking preventive measures against high temperatures. She is the Head of the Chair of Silviculture, Head of the “Center for Monitoring Climate Change in Forest Ecosystems”, member of the Electoral Council and Educational and Scientific Council of the Faculty of Forestry. She is also a member of the Organ of society of forestry engineers and technicians of the Republic of Serbia, and a member of the IUFRO organization-Division 1. Since 2017 she is a member of the editorial board of the journal Forestry. She has published over 80 scientific papers. She is married, the mother of two children.

Scientific area


Research interests

Forest eco-climatology; climate of forest and urban areas of Serbia; applied eco-climatology in silviculture; climatic and vegetation characteristics of a certain area; climate change and forest ecosystems; ecology of silviculture; forest fires; dendroclimatology.

Engaging Teaching

Undergraduate studies (Bachelor)

  1. Forest eco-climatology – compulsory subject (Department of Forestry and Department of Environmental Engineering in the protection of soil and water resources)
  2. Field training
  3. Forest eco-climatology – elective subject (Department of Landscape Architecture and Horticulture)
  4. Climate of forest and urban areas of Serbia – elective subject

Master’s degree studies

  1. Research methods and techniques in forestry – compulsory subject
  2. Applied eco-climatology in silviculture – elective subject

Doctoral studies

  1. Applied eco-climatology in silviculture – elective subject
  2. Climate change and forest ecosystems – elective subject

Selected papers

  • Babić V., Krstić M., Govedar Z., Todorić J., Vuković N., Milošević Z. (2015): Temperature and other microclimate conditions in the oak forests on Fruška Gora (Serbia). Thermal Science, Vinča Institute of Nuclear Sciences, Belgrade, Vol. 19, Suppl. 2, pp. S415-S425.
  • Babić, V., Govedar, Z., Galić, Z., Milenković, M., Vukin, M., Stajić, S., Kanjevac, B. (2021): Effects of the light regime on natural regeneration of sessile oak (Quercus petraea/Matt./Liebl.) forests in „Fruška Gora“ Nacional Park (Serbia). Fresenius Environmental Bulletin, Volume 30 – No. 07A/2021, pp. 8834-8842.
  • Krstić, M., Kanjevac, B.,  Babić, V. (2018): Effects of extremely high temperatures on some growth parameters of sessile oak (Quercus petraea/Matt./Liebl.) seedlings in northeastern Serbia. Archives of Biological Sciences, Vol. 70, No. 3, pp. 521-529.
  • Vuković, A., Vujadinović, M., Rendulić, S., Đurđević, V., Ruml, M., Babić, V., Popović D. (2018): Global warming impact on climate change in Serbia for the period 1961-2100. Thermal Science, Vol. 22, No 6A, pp. 2267-2280.
  • Babić, V., Krstić, M. (2021): Višekriterijumska analiza uporednih klimatskih karakteristika određenih šumskih područja Srbije. Šumarstvo br. 1-2, Udruženje šumarskih inženjera i tehničara Srbije, Institut za šumarstvo Beograd, Univerzitet u Novom Sadu Institut za nizijsko šumarstvo i životnu sredinu, str. 7-23.
  • Babić, V., Vuković, A., Vujadinović, M. (2018): Forestry under climate change: Vulnerability overview on regional and national level. International Conference Humboldt Kolleg 2018, „Sustainable Development and Climate Change: Connecting Research, Education, Policy and Practice“ Humbolt-Club Serbia and University of Belgrade – Faculty of Forestry, Belgrade, Book of abstract, September 19-22, Belgrade, pp. 155.
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  • Kanjevac, B., Krstić, M., Babić, V., Govedar, Z. (2021): Regeneration Dynamics and Development of Seedlings in Sessile Oak Forests in Relation to the Light Availability and Competing Vegetation. Forests 12(4), 384: 1-15.
  • Babić, V. (2008): Klimatske karakteristike Sremskog šumskog područja. Šumarstvo br. 4, Udruženje šumarskih inženjera i tehničara Srbije i Šumarski fakultet Univerziteta u Beogradu, Beograd, str. 99-107.
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  • Babić, V., Galić, Z., Rakonjac, Lj., Stajić, S. (2011): Microclimate conditions in the stands of sessile oak on acid brown and lessive acid brown soils in Fruska Gora. Book of proceedings, International Scientific Conference: First Serbian Forestry Congress – Future with forest, University of Belgrade Faculty of Forestry, November 11-13th, Belgrade, Serbia, pp.135-141.
  • Babić, V., Krstić, M. (2014): Klimatske karakteristike pojasa kitnjakovih šuma na Fruškoj Gori. Šumarstvo br. 3-4, Udruženje šumarskih inženjera i tehničara Srbije i Univerzitet u Beogradu Šumarski fakultet, Beograd, str. 49-62.