Message of the President of the Department Council

Dear colleagues,
Respectable future students,

Engineers for erosion and torrent control have been educated  at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Forestry  for more than 50 years. Based on the above, the program of undergraduate studies in the field of Ecological engineering for soil and water resources protection was launched in 2006. This program of study is unique in Serbia and fully compliant with the contemporary needs of society and complementary to study programs of prestigious European universities. The development of disciplines in the field of ecological engineering is a response to the growing need to provide technical solutions for socio-economic development, and at the same time  protect natural resources and the environment. By attending this study program you will learn how to perform: watershed management, protect soil and water from degradation and work on the prevention of natural disasters (i.e. reduce the risk of flooding), produce a project for the protection and reclamation of degraded areas, and much  more, with the aim of building sustainable systems in accordance with ecological principles which integrate social needs with the natural environment.
The current study program has been improved by being adapted to your needs. Field work is a compulsory part of the study program in almost all subjects and it is particularly represented within the subjects of the third and fourth years of undergraduate studies. The area for which future engineers are educated is a multidisciplinary field so that through field study and elective subjects every student can focus their education according to their personal interests. The very good international cooperation of professors of the Department enables joint field trips of students of this department with students from other European universities abroad. In addition, the international conferences organized by professors of the Department involve a large number of students who present their graduate and master’s theses. In addition to existing student associations this Department in involved in the Forum of students of the World Organization for Soil and Water Conservation.
Graduate engineers of the study program Ecological engineering for soil and water resources protection can find employment in the public and private sectors. Use, management and protection of soil and water resources and associated natural resources determine the policy of development of agriculture, water management, forestry, specific industries, trade, environmental protection and the public sector in general. Therefore, the need for professionals for soil and water resources protection is constantly expressed in these areas.

Prof. Dr. Nada Dragović