Pursuant to the Faculty Statute, and in accordance with the Law on Higher Education (Official Gazette of RS no.: 76/05, 100/07, 97/08 and 44/10, 93/12), organization of the Faculty is regulated, as well as the manner of operation, management and governance of the Faculty and its bodies.  

Bodies of the Faculty are:

1) The managing authority ‒ Faculty Council;

2) The executive body ‒ the Dean;

3) Professional bodies ‒ Scientific and Educational Council

  • Electoral Council,
  • Department Councils,
  • Research- Professional Council
  • and different auxiliary and professional bodies;

4) Student parliament

Professional bodies

Faculty statute (Articles 153–161) determine professional bodies, their composition, scope of work, number of members, and the manner of election and decision making.

Professional bodies of the Faculty are:

– the Scientific and Educational Council (the Academic Council);

– the Electoral Council;

– the Department Council;

– and the Research-Professional Council.