Executive body of the Faculty: the Dean

Dean of the Faculty:

– Dr. Branko Stajić, full professor
phone: +381 (11) 3053-988,
e-mail: branko.stajic@sfb.bg.ac.rs

Vice-Deans of the Faculty are:

– Dr. Mlađan Popović, full professor
Vice-Dean for Education
phone: +381 (11) 3053-804,
e-mail: mladjan.popovic@sfb.bg.ac.rs

– Dr. Nevena Vasiljevič, associate professor
Vice-Dean for Finance
phone: +381 (11) 3053-924,
e-mail: nevena.vasiljevic@sfb.bg.ac.rs

– Dr. Snežana Belanović-Simić, full professor
Vice Dean for Science and International Cooperation
phone: +381 (11) 3053-949,
e-mail: snezana.belanovic@sfb.bg.ac.rs

Teaching Base Director:

 – Dr. Nenad Petrović, associate professor
phone: +381 (11) 3053-933,
Teaching Base Director
e-mail: nenad.petrovic@sfb.bg.ac.rs

Executive body of the Faculty: the Dean

The Dean is the executive officer of the Faculty.
The Dean has rights and obligations prescribed by law, other regulations and the Statute. Within his/her jurisdiction he/she performs the following:

  • represents the Faculty;
    • manages, organizes and coordinates the work and operations of the Faculty;
    • proposes the program of work and development plan of the Faculty;
    • prepares, manages and chairs the sessions of the Council;
    • adopts general acts of the Faculty, in accordance with the law, regulations and the Statute;
    • proposes the business policy of the Faculty and measures for its implementation;
    • proposes measures for improving the work of the Faculty;
    • orders the execution of the financial plan of the Faculty;
    • concludes contracts on behalf of the Faculty;
    • reports to the Council on the business practice of the Faculty and the annual report;
    • reports to the Council on the planned use of funds for investments;
  • ensures the legality of work and business of the Faculty and fulfillment of obligations of the Faculty  prescribed by law and contracts;
    • ensures implementation of general acts of the Faculty;
    • ensures enforcement of decisions of the Faculty Council, Councils and other professional bodies of the Faculty;
    • is responsible for the legality of work of the Faculty;
    • announces calls for the election of teachers and associates;
    • appoints and dismisses heads of Faculty centers;
    • decides on the appropriate need for employment and performance of non-teaching staff;
    • selects candidates for the jobs of non-teaching staff;
    • concludes and cancels labor contracts and other contracts related to the performance of tasks needed by the Faculty;
    • makes decisions on the rights and obligations of employees, in accordance with the law, Statute and other general acts of the Faculty;
    • signs diplomas issued by the Faculty;
    • decides on the allocation of the working space of the Faculty;
    • performs other tasks stipulated by law, Statute and other general acts of the Faculty.

At least once a year the Dean submits a report on the operations to the Teaching and Scientific Council and is responsible for his/her work to the Teaching and Scientific Council and the Faculty Council.
The Dean participates in the work of the Faculty Council, without having decision making rights.
The Dean shall be assisted by Vice-Deans.
The Faculty has Vice-Deans among teachers and one Student Vice-Dean.
Vice-Deans are elected by the Faculty Council and proposed by the Dean, and Student Vice-Dean is proposed by the Student Parliament.

Dean’s Collegium is formed to consider matters within the scope of operation of the Faculty and attitudes about them. Members of the Dean’s Collegium are the Dean, Vice-Deans and Head of the Centre for Teaching and Scientific Facilities (CTSF) and President of the Faculty Council, Secretary of the Faculty and Head of the accounting and financial service, participate in the work of the Dean’s Collegium, if necessary.

According to Decision No 01-1 / 85 of  1th December, 2021. the Dean of the Faculty was elected for a period of three years.