Bálint Kádár
Eszter Dávida

Hungarian architectural group KÉK will give a public lecture on their work at the Conference Hall of the Faculty of Forestry (groundfloor) on April 17th, beginning at 10 AM.

KÉK (Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre, https://kek.org.hu) is an independent professional institution based in Budapest, focusing on architecture, built environment, urban development and their relation to the communities. By means of their cultural programs (exhibitions, conferences, trainings, thematic guided tours) they interpret the architecture and the mechanisms of the city, and their professional work actively contributes to the innovative improvement thereof.

KÉK group is invited to hold a public lecture at the Faculty of Forestry, after which they will conduct a workshop for students of the Department of Landscape Architecture and Horticulture. Guest experts are visiting as a contribution to the Urban Oases project,  implemented by EUNIC Srbija (European Union National Institutes for Culture) in cooperation with Belgrade University – Faculty of Forestry and Faculty of Architecture and Belgrade International Architecture Week (BINA). During the Urban Oases program students of Faculty of Forestry, Department of Landscape Architecture and Horticulture and Department of Wood Science and Technology, will design and transform two out of three locations in Belgrade, with the support from mentors and visiting experts, wherein KÉK group will contribute with their rich experience in a community-based approach in redesigning urban spaces. In the presentation, Bálint Kádár and Eszter Dávida, leaders of KÉK, will give inspiration for possible improvements through good practices collected during the processes described earlier and used regularly in KÉK’s practice.

The lecture will be in English with the option to join online via Zoom link