It is with great pleasure to announce the release of the first and the second Intellectual Output (IO1 and IO2) of the Minerva project!

 The Minerva IO1, entitled “Competence Framework for the teaching of Geotechnologies for Cultural Heritage” is an assessment of the level, needs, and potentials of integrating Geotechnologies encompassing Geographical Information Systems (GIS) into Cultural Heritage (CH) at the level of higher education and professional activities. The results of the survey offer an insight into the inventory of competencies of higher education in the field of GIS for CH and the matchmaking between the labor market and higher education.

The MINERVA IO2, entitled “Teaching methods and didactic resources on Geotechnologies for Cultural Heritage” provides resources and innovative toolkits to facilitate both teachers and students to the teaching and learning of the application of Geotechnologies in the domain of  Cultural Heritage.

For more details, please visit our website: https://minerva-erasmus.com/outputs

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