Greeting word from the President of Department Council

Dear future engineers,
If you are talented, energetic and ambitious, Landscape Architecture is the program in which you can learn, to show initiative and take part in creative work. The study takes place in a pleasant atmosphere in accordance with the highest European standards and learning from those who have something to say allows our students to acquire competencies that give them an advantage and enable progression. A variety of events make up our Department a place where students love to stay, because that is the place for the promotion of ideas, teamwork and building of a positive attitude towards the environment.
If you THINK GLOBALLY due to the combination of science and art, our study program will allow you to act LANDSCAPEWISE and establish a dialogue between nature and human creations where daily reality can be placed. Landscape action that takes into account the thinking on global issues achieves results, because even small moves affect the global environment. Acting ” landscapewise” indicates a skillful way of creating environments, from small domestic gardens and the city’s open spaces and parks to the areas and regions. It is an indescribable pleasure to build, but it’s more satisfying to create something that is alive, grows and changes in space and time on a daily basis during the season and as years go by.
If you want to make a mark in space and time, influence the minds of people, the development of love for beauty, the global picture and the quality of the environment that surrounds us, become an engineer of landscape architecture.

Head of Department
Prof. Dr. Mirjana Ocokoljić

In April 2010, for the exhibition “April – World Landscape Architecture Month”, held in SKC in Belgrade on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Department, the message “Think globally – act landscapewise” was featured. It was designed by students summarizing all areas of activity of the profession.