For future students

Study program of undergraduate studies of  Landscape Architecture at the Faculty of Forestry is in accordance with the principles of the Bologna Declaration and scientifically grounded in order to:

1) provide interactive teaching that takes place in accordance with a combination of biological, environmental, physical, engineering and artistic disciplines;

2) transferred the basic principles of applied sciences, engineering and applied arts, which are necessary for the development of lifelong learning and continued professional success to students;

3) develop students’ creative skills and awareness of the factors affecting the planning, design, production and protection of ornamental plants, as well as the impact on the improvement of the environment, construction (establishment) and maintenance (tending) of green areas (spaces);

4) provide highly qualified professionals with a unique ability to participate in the preparation of spatial and urban plans, landscape architectural projects, jobs in the construction and maintenance of facilities of landscape architecture;

5) qualify the personnel to implement environmental principles in various economic and other organizations that manage natural resources and provide advisory services.