Field of activity

In accordance with the Statute of the Faculty and Guidebook, field of activity of the Department is higher education, scientific research and other activities with the aim of commercializing scientific research results:

72.11 Research and experimental development in biotechnology
72.19 Research and experimental development in other technical and technological sciences
72.20 Research and development in social sciences and humanities
73.20 Market research and public opinion polling
74.90 Other professional, scientific and technical activities

01.13 Growing of vegetables and melons, root vegetables and tubers
01.19 Growing of other annual and perennial plants
01.24 Growing of pome fruits and stone fruits
01.25 Growing of other woody and bush fruits and nuts
01:27 Growing plants for beverage preparation
01.28 Growing of spices, aromatic and medicinal plants
01.29 Growing of other perennial plants
01.30  Growing of planting material
01.61 Support activities for crop production
01.64 Seed upgrading

02.30 Collecting forest fruits
02:40 Services related to forestry
08.11 Quarrying of ornamental and building stone, limestone, gypsum, chalk
16.23 Manufacture of other construction carpentry and joinery
39.00 Remediation, recultivation and other waste management activities
41.10 Development of construction projects
42.99 Construction of other facilities
43.39 Other final works
43.99 Other specific construction activities works
46.22 Wholesale of flowers and seedlings

47.76 Retail sale of flowers, plants, seeds, fertilizers, pet animals and
pet food in specialized stores
70.22 Consultancy in business and other management activities
71.11 Architectural activity
71.12 Engineering activities and related technical consultancy
71.20 Technical testing and analysis
72.19 Research and experimental development in other natural sciences and technical and technological sciences
74.10 Specialised designer activities
81.10 Maintenance of facilities
81.30 Landscaping and maintenance of the environment
90.03 Artistic creation
91.03 Protection and maintenance of immovable cultural property, cultural and historical sites,
buildings and similar visitor attractions
91.04 Botanical and zoological gardens and protection of natural values
93.11 Activity of sports facilities
93.19 Other sports activities

93.29 Other amusement and recreation activities
The Department carries out other activities which serve the function of its field of activity, in accordance with the Law and the Statute:
– Check-ups of the health status of ornamental plants in green infrastructure facilities with proposals for the rehabilitation and reconstruction;
– Expertise of the health status of seedlings being imported and the need for amendments to tender documentation in the procurement of planting material for green areas establishment;
– Check-ups of the health status of plants in nurseries and advice for protection of the planting material health;
– A review of the health status of park forests and a proposal for the protection of forests and ornamental plants;
– Lifelong education of experts – members of the Serbian Chamber of Engineers, secondary vocational school teachers and other professionals in the production, design and fostering of green spaces and landscape-architectural heritage.