Centers/ Laboratories

1.Laboratory for Technical Physics and Regulation technics

The laboratory was established in 1960. It has 20 working places for exercises. It is used for practical exercises for students of the Department of technologies, management and design of furniture and wood products for the following subjects: Technical Physics, Applied electrical engineering in timber industry and Automation in the production of furniture and wood products. Measurements and tests in the following areas can be performed in the Laboratory: measurement of time-variable electrical quantities and sizes that can be converted into electrical measures, contactless measurement of dimensions with the possibility of a linear increase of over 100 times, detection of active faults in the material, measuring of the volume levels (testing the effects of noise).

2. Center for machines and tools for wood processing

The center for machines and tools for wood was formed on 21st July, 2007 from the Laboratory and workshop for wood processing machines, which had been formed much earlier (1970).
The head of the Center is prof. Dr. Gradimir Danon. The center is the result of accumulated knowledge in the field of machine constructions, development of products and processes in wood industry, and is qualified for different areas of research. The Centre’s activities cover the following areas:

• Education and training of students,

• Scientific research,

• Prototyping of furniture and wood products.

The Center helps in the implementation of educational and scientific programs with an emphasis on student training for the application of the acquired knowledge (undergraduate, master and doctoral studies), as well as the solving of practical problems in timber industry companies. The Centre conducted experiments for a doctoral thesis (of Dr. Marija Mandic), a Master of Science thesis ( of MSc Zoran Đurišić), ten master papers and more than twenty graduate papers at the undergraduate level.

Center for machines and tools in wood processing
The center has the following laboratory machines for mechanical processing of wood and wood-based materials: combined wood processing machine (planing, milling machine, saw and drill), grinding machine, band saw and a lathe. The Center owns a comprehensive collection of tools for primary and final wood processing.
Installation for sawing strength measurement Srd 1
For the purposes of scientific research the Center has two measurement and data acquisition devices – SRD1 and SRD2 for measuring sawing strength in the mechanical processing of wood and wood-based materials, non-contact speed encoder, contactless temperatures encoder (up to 700 ° C), a microscope with up to 500x magnification and other small equipment.

3. The Centre for Biomass

The Centre for Biomass was established by the University Council in Belgrade on 16th February, 2007. The Faculty elected Dr. Vojislav Bajić full prof., as the Head of the Center and his elected deputy was Dr. Gradimir Danon, full prof. The Rules of Procedure of the Centre for Biomass was also adopted (2011) and following the retirement of prof. Dr. Vojislav Bajić, prof. Dr. Gradimir Danon was elected the Head of the Center.

The following activities were intended by the Rules of Procedure:

Development and maintenance of a database of wood biomass (wood residues in forests and wood waste in wood processing industry)
Monitoring and implementation of the latest achievements in the use of wood biomass.
Activity in the collection, acquisition, development and dissemination of knowledge on renewable energy sources;
Linking and establishment of cooperation with similar institutions in the country and abroad dealing with similar issues.
The popularization of the use of wood biomass.
Monitoring and initiating legislation in the field of biomass.
Coordination of the provision of financial resources from local and foreign stimulation funds or interested investors for the realization of projects in the field of biomass utilization.
Development of studies and programs in the field of the use of biomass for energy.
Establishment of a laboratory for research in the field of biomass
Issuance of newsletters and magazines, popular brochures and books and electronic editions of papers on the use of wood biomass.
Analysis and proposals for improving the legal and institutional framework in the use of wood biomass.
Functional integration of educational and research activities in the field of biomass.

So far, the Center has no space or equipment.