375 ‒ Chief designer of facilities for torrent and erosion control and reclamation of forest and agricultural land

Description of activities:

  • Projects of regulation, planning and rehabilitation of torrential flows;
  • Projects of thresholds and barriers for torrents;
  • Engineering hydrology (processing, interpretation, verification and analysis of hydrological and hydrometeorological data and calculations for planning, design, construction and exploitation for the purpose of regulation of torrential flows and protection against erosion on water bodies of the second order);
  • Projects of biological, biotechnical and technical systems for the anti-erosion regulation of basins;
  • Projects of natural regulation of flows (biological and bio-technical regulation);
  • Parts of water management master plans, development plans and basin management plans in the area of ​​planning and protection against torrents and erosion;
  • Projects of ski slope regulation, restoration and anti-erosion protection by using biological, biotechnical, and technical measures;
  • Projects for the reforestation and landscaping of various types of forest and agricultural land for the purpose of anti-erosion protection;
  • Planning documentation for protection from erosion and torrents (making plans for defense against torrential flooding on the water bodies of II order and studies for the proclamation of erodible areas);
  • Projects of afforestation;
  • Projects  of infiltration trenches – Algerian terraces and gradones, staired terraces and contour trenches;
  • Design of illo-filter systems for the protection of soil from erosion;
  • Projects of special grass plants;
  • Projects of systems for drainage and irrigation on up-to-20-hectare eroded surfaces;
  • Projects for the re-cultivation of tailings, ash dumps, quarries and communal landfills;
  • Projects of protective shelterbelts to combat wind erosion in the open space and within urban areas;
  • Projects of biological protective belts, noise defense and protection of aquatories.

473 ‒ Responsible contractor on the construction of facilities for protection against torents and erosion and reclamation of forest and agricultural land

Description of activities:

  • Carrying out of preparatory work: cutting of trees, clearing of shrubs, scrub and removal of topsoil to prepare the facility for the regulation of torrents and protection of soil against erosion;
  • Works on the regulation, restoration and management of torrential flows;
  • Construction of thresholds and barriers against torrents and sediment control;
  • Works on the organization of catchments for protection against erosion which includes biological, biotechnical and technical works;
  • Implementation of works on the natural regulation of water flows (biological and bio-technical regulation);
  • Implementation of earthworks on flat and sloping terrains to prepare the land for greening and reforestation;
  • Construction of the systems for drainage and irrigation of up-to-20-hectare eroded surfaces;
  • Implementation of biological and biotechnical works for the reclamation of forest and agricultural land (live belts of tree and shrub vegetation and special grass mixtures), the establishment of anti-erosion, field protective, snow protective and wind protective belts by: motorways, highways and local roads, railways, rivers, embankments, canal systems, at the outskirts of urban areas and within urban areas with sloping terrains;
  • Implementation of works on facilities for the regulation of collapse processes;
  • Implementation of works on the recultivation of tailings, ash dumps, quarries and communal landfills;
  • Implementation of works on the anti-erosion regulation of ski slopes.