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The Institute was founded in 1975 at the initiative of prof. Dr. Milan Potrebić. It was named the Laboratory for  furniture quality control. Issuance of reports on the quality testing of furniture started in 1977 and lasts continuously until today.

Under the leadership of prof. Dr. Dušan Skakić since 2000, and with great commitment of the employees, the process of accreditation began in 2002. The laboratory changed its name to the Institute for furniture quality control. The Institute was accredited in 2003 as the first inspection agency at Belgrade University, by the Accreditation Body of Serbia (ATS), according to the international quality system and the SRPS ISO / IEC 17020: 2002 standard. Since then, the Institute has been issuing reports on furniture quality control.

Since 2009, the Institute has had state-of-the-art numerical equipment for furniture quality control. The purchase of new equipment increased the possibilities of controlling as well as the capacity of testing.

Since 2010, Head of the Institute has been Dr. Biserka Nestorović,  Assistant Professor. The competence of the Institute for the implementation of new control methods according to EN standards was confirmed.

Compliance of the Institute for furniture quality control with standard accreditation was monitored by the Accreditation Body of Serbia with a total of sixteen successful supervisory assessments and three reaccreditations.


Activities and objectives of the INSTITUTE FOR FURNITURE QUALITY CONTROL:

The control of quality and determination of quality compliance is performed according to Serbian (SRPS) and European (EN) standards and specific requirements. Over 90% of the accredited inspection methods of the Institute apply EN standards;
Improvement of final products of furniture industry and furniture parts;
Cooperation with furniture manufacturers at the stage of product development and quality control during the manufacturing process;
Inter-laboratory cooperation in the field of furniture quality control;
Continued participation of the Institute in adopting, drafting and amending EN standards with domestic and foreign institutions;
Application of scientific research work to improve ways of controlling of furniture, furniture parts and EN standards;
Cooperation with consumer associations;
Continuous education.

Institute staff (2016):
Head of Institute: Dr. Biserka Nestorović, Assoc. prof.
Deputy Head of Quality Control: Dr. Igor Džinčić, Assoc. prof.
Technical manager: Eng. Predrag Stanković
Tester: Eng. Slobodan Oreščanin.


The laboratory for surface treatment of was founded at the Faculty of Forestry in 1977, at the time when the subject Surface treatment of wood separated from the subject Final wood processing. At that time, the Laboratory had about 65 m2. It was disorganized and a part of the carpenter and sharpening workshop for tools “Kordun”.

When a teaching assistant was elected for the subject Surface treatment of wood, the staff started to arrange the space and equipment.
Thanks to the understanding of the director of the Institute for wood processing (Dr. Avdo Redžić) certain funds were invested in the equipping of this space, so that eight workplaces were created for the needs of laboratory exercises for students.

The laboratory owned a cabin with water purification for sample varnishing, equipment for coating application, hand grinders, a polisher, as well as instruments to determine the characteristics of the coating liquid at the applied and hardened phases.

At the beginning of the reconstruction of the space where the laboratory was located, and in order to build the amphitheater, the space of the laboratory was emptied. Part of the equipment was preserved, but most of the equipment (especially the cabin for varnishing and other large equipment) were given away. After the construction of the amphitheater the Laboratory was assigned a new space, which was much smaller than the previous one and largely inadequate, especially for work with students. However,  even in such conditions its equipping and bringing into operation started.

In 2010, prof. Dr. Dušan Skakić used certain resources of the Institute for Furniture Quality Control to purchase modern equipment for testing the quality of painted surfaces (surface roughness determination, determination of dry film thickness of the coating with and without destruction, testing of the thickness of hardened film coating; determining of the gloss of lacquered surface; determining of a hardened coating adhesion). In 2013 the equipment was amended with the basic laboratory dishes, electromagnetic stirrer and a pH meter.

This acquisition of equipment significantly improved the potentials of the Laboratory for different kinds of testing, which are the basis of experimental work of students in the course of writing their final, master’s and doctoral theses in the field of surface wood treatment. In addition, laboratory exercises in the subject Surface treatment of wood at the undergraduate level are performed in the laboratory.

Laboratory staff (2016):

Dr. Milan Jaić  and Dr. Tanja Palija


The center for engineering and design of interior and furniture was founded on 28th May 2004 within the Chair of final wood processing. The need for the establishment of the Center was created as a result of the fact that within the curriculum of the Department appeared the Educational stream of engineering of furniture and interiors, with a number of subjects from the narrow professional and artistic field, which were for the first time studied in that scope at the Faculty of Forestry. The following activities started in support of rapid and comprehensive development of new disciplines within the Centre for engineering and design of interior and furniture:
Participation in scientific development, research and professional art projects;

  • Providing opportunities to students to perform professional practice / internship;
  • The launch of internal competitions in association with companies for the best design solutions for furniture and other wood products, from which products that can be further developed and commercialized are created;
  • The development of partnership relations between the wood processing sector of the Republic of Serbia and Serbian cultural organizations;
  • Organizing of trade fairs and design events in order to promote the profession;
  • Vertical connecting of business entities in order to achieve greater finalization of timber raw material;
  • Development and promotion of competitiveness, productivity, innovation and new modern technologies in the wood processing of Serbia;
  • Organization of professional conferences, seminars, workshops in the professional artistic and scientific field of wood products modeling;
  • Education and training programs to meet the needs of the final wood industry sector of Serbia;
  • Establishment of a single database of literature, samples of materials and constructive solutions;
  • Provision of space and resources for professional, artistic and scientific research  work of the teaching staff in subjects of the Chair of engineering and design of furniture and interior;
  • Create opportunities for the exchange of data with companies and similar centers in the country and abroad;
  • Establishment of a foundation for young talents which can help the best students of the department;
  • Provision of support to students in the development of their Bachelor’s, Master of Science and Master’s theses, as well as assistants and teachers in the creation of their professional and artistic papers and art pieces.

Center staff:
Managers: prof. Dr. Sokol Sokolović (2004-2008), MSc Jelena Matić (2009-present);
Professional associates: MSc Jelena Matić (2004-2008), Miljana Nikolić (2011-2013), Aleksandra Burda (2013-2015).