The chair of landscape engineering


Head of Chair: Dr. Nenad Stavretović

Deputy Head of Chair: Dr. Đurđa Petrov

Chair Secretary: MSc. Aleksandar Lisica

Chair Development: 

Today’s Chair of Landscape Engineering was founded back in 1960 by prof. Dr. Toma Bunuševac, former vice-rector of the University of Belgrade, and it was modeled on the organizational structure of the  Lomonosov Institute for city greening. The name of the Chair at that time was the Chair of park arrangement, and today’s Department of Landscape Architecture and Horticulture used to be named Department of residential greening. In 1975/76 the Department changed its name to the Department of the establishment and maintenance of green areas and in 2002 with the development of new scientific and professional disciplines it got a broader title – the Chair of Landscape Engineering.