Master studies

Master’s Degree Academic Studies Wood Technologies last for one year, i.e. 2 terms, and consist of one common module. The module has one common subject that is part of the compulsory subjects of the module and four elective subjects that are on the list of elective subjects. The teaching process in this study program takes place through lectures, exercises, seminal papers, tests, exams, research studies and production of a master thesis. The master thesis is done together with the research study in the second term with a topic from the chosen field. Laboratory exercises, study and research occupy a high percentage of participation due to the specifics of the material covered in the courses that require the mentoring of students in small groups, but also due to the higher quality of teaching.

The conditions for enrollment in the study program are completed undergraduate studies (240 ECTS) in wood technologies and related fields.
Professional title after graduation: Master Engineer of Wood Technologies

Candidates who complete the master’s degree academic studies are qualified to work in the following areas:
▪ independent work in the monitoring, development and improvement of production processes for furniture and wood products production in the segment: primary, final and chemical-mechanical wood processing, application of machines and devices for wood processing, protection of wood and wood products, management and technologies of wood biomass and application of wood in construction;
▪ independent or team work on the design of furniture and wood products;
▪ management of foreign trade and trade in wood, wood products and furniture;
▪ business economics in the wood industry;
▪ management (organization and management of production) and design of enterprises in the wood industry;
▪ education in secondary vocational schools.