Student life

Student Parliament was established at the Faculty of Forestry in accordance with the Law on Higher Education and the Statute of the Faculty. Student Parliament is a body through which students exercise their rights and protect their interests at the Faculty. In this way, students have their representatives in all bodies of the Faculty which make important decisions for student life and the way students study at the Faculty.
Bodies of the Faculty involving representatives of the Student Parliament are: Faculty Council, Educational and scientific Council, Department council, various commissions, etc.

The organizations of students at the Faculty of Forestry are: Academic club of young researchers, Mountaineering Club “Omorika”, hunting section, sports section, journalist section and the editorial board of the journal “Breza”, Photo Cinema Club “Šumarac”, etc.and others.
Students of the Faculty of Forestry have their internet forum Fagus – www.fagus.org, and students of the TMP department their own blog – http://universityofbelgrade.blogspot.com
The acquisition of  knowledge is the best when accompanied by socializing, which is why we try to work together with the students  to come up with excursions, where we get to know our country, its traditions, values ​​and people.
We organize study visits abroad in order to best contribute to the development of ideas, but also the career of our students.
The strengthening of the mind and bodies of young people is also contributed by the organization of sporting activities and competitions in rental halls and grounds, and we are also working to renew our own tennis courts and sports fields within the Faculty campus.

Students and staff at the Faculty of Forestry contribute to a better and more humane society with their activities and take concrete actions to express their commitment to environmental protection.
The Faculty has implemented 35 ecological camps and participates in the activities of Serbian Nature Conservation Movement, in the actions of reforestation and landscaping of areas.
The Faculty organizes blood donation campaigns at least twice a year.

Faculty of Forestry Arboretum is a collection of tree and shrub species primarily intended for practical teaching, training and instruction of students. Natural monument “Faculty of Forestry Arboretum” is a protected area located within the Faculty, where students like to spend their free time between lectures in peace and nature.

Near the Faculty of Forestry, there is a park-forest and urban picnic area Košutnjak, which is also a beautiful lookout point toward the center of Belgrade and pleasant place to stay in the countryside. The forest of deciduous and coniferous trees is intersected by numerous paths for walks. Sports and Recreation Center “Košutnjak” extends to about 40 acres, has playgrounds for football, athletics, volleyball, basketball, handball, five outdoor and one indoor swimming pool. In addition, it has a jogging track and arranged ski slopes. For ski lovers there are summer and winter ski-slopes in Košutnjak. There is a camp “Košutnjak” in Košutnjak, the “Trim” hotel and several restaurants. Košutnjak is a popular venue for cultural, entertainment and music events (“Voxstock”, “Forest Fest”, “Supernatural” …). Košutnjak student dorm with a student canteen and library is located on the slopes of Košutnjak .

Dorm: http://www.sc.rs/sc/index.php?run1=31&run=dom
Student canteen: http://www.sc.rs/sc/index.php?run1=44&run=restoran
Student Center “Košutnjak”: http://www.sc.rs/sc/index.php?run1=44&run=restoran


Near the Faculty of Forestry on the Sava River, near the mouth of the Danube, at a distance of only 4 km from the city center, is the river island Ada Ciganlija. Ada is the largest, most beautiful and most visited resort area in Belgrade, covered with dense deciduous forest and interspersed with glades and meadows.

Ada Ciganlija is a cultural and entertainment center of Belgrade, especially in summer. It organizes many sporting, cultural and entertainment events. The catering offer of Ada are dozens of restaurants, cafes and clubs. At the entrance there is parking-space for thousands of vehicles and a marina suitable for docking boats, yachts and smaller boats. Visitors of Ada have access to shops, picnic areas, bowling, mini-golf, horse-drawn carriages, tourist train, pedal boats and canoes on lake, as well as eco-ship with electric propulsion. The beach around the Sava Lake is fully furnished and equipped with necessary infrastructure facilities, and is one of the largest and most beautiful beaches of the artificial lakes in Europe. The lake is perfect for swimming, boating, kayaking, water polo, diving, surfing and other sports, and several world and national championships are held there.
Ada Ciganlija has over 50 different sports courts outdoors, including a golf course and ski lift for skiing. There is a football pitch and terrains for tennis, handball, volleyball and basketball courts, and baseball, rugby and hockey. There are also facilities for volleyball, aqua soccer and extreme sports: bungee jumping, wall-climbing and paintball.

Ada Ciganlija: http://www.adaciganlija.rs/
Ada Safari: http://www.adasafari.co.rs/
Useful links:
City Map: http://www.planplus.rs/
Public transport: https://www.busplus.rs/
Municipality of Čukarica: http://www.cukarica.rs/
Sports club municipalities http://www.cukarica.rs/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=25&Itemid=65&lang=lat