The Department of Forestry has cooperation with numerous educational and scientific international and national institutions.
The cooperation is achieved with the following educational and scientific international institutions:
• University “St. Cyril and Methodius “in Skopje, Faculty of Forestry, Skopje, Macedonia,
• Lomonosov University, Geography Dept., Moscow, Russia;
• Albert Ludwigs University, Faculty of Forestry, Freiburg, Germany.
National institutions with which the Department has developed cooperation are as follows:
• The Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection – Forest Directorate – Financial support for participation in projects.
• Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development – funding of research projects, co-financing of international conferences, co-financing of participation in international conferences.
• University of Belgrade, Faculty of Agriculture – joint participation in national research projects.
• Institute of Forestry, Belgrade – joint participation in national research projects, development of master’s and doctoral thesis at the university.
• City of Belgrade – Secretariat for Environmental Protection – financing projects.
• PE “Srbijašume” – financial support for participation in projects, logistic support to researchers in projects.
• PE “Vojvodinašume” – financial support for participation of researchers in projects.