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A total of 120 students are enrolled in the first year of undergraduate studies at the study program Forestry. Student enrollment in undergraduate studies is based on the ranking list of candidates. The ranking is based on total number of points accomplished by the candidates on the basis of their high school grade point average (maximum 40 points) and points obtained in the entrance exam (maximum 60 points). At the entrance exam for the study program forestry candidates take exams in two subjects:

– mathematics, with a  maximum of 20 points,
– biology, with a maximum of 40 points.

Content, timing and manner of taking the entrance exam, as well as scoring of the candidates  is determined by a special decision of the Faculty. This decision in the form of information (student guidebook) is available to any interested party. The list of candidates who met the requirements for admission to the first year of the study program is published on the web site and the notice board of the Faculty.
A number of students who achieved the best results in the entrance exam belong to the group of students whose education is funded from the budget (103 in total), lower-ranked students are enrolled as self-financed (17 in total). Students are provided with handbooks for the preparation of exams in mathematics and biology that can be obtained in the bookshop of the Faculty of Forestry.

The Committee for Admission (ranking) of the candidates is formed at the level of the study program, and at the Faculty level commissions are formed for each subject taken at the entrance exam.
In the process of education in the study program of undergraduate studies at the Department of Forestry candidates will be trained to analyze and solve complex problems in forestry, related to natural resources (forests, soil, flora, vegetation, water, wildlife, etc.), their use and protection.
The development of disciplines in the field of forestry is a response to the growing need to provide technical solutions for socio-economic development, while at the same time provide protection to natural resources and the environment.

The study program is designed so that students learn the biological and technical disciplines that serve as a base for exploring the complex forest ecosystems and learn to use the techniques that enable them to work on the complex tasks of reforestation, forest management, forest utilization, wildlife protection, forest protection all the way to nature protection and improvement of the environment. Subjects of the organizational and economic disciplines teach them to manage forest holdings of forest administrations and public enterprises in forestry.
Undergraduate studies of the study program Forestry last for 4 years and the total of  ECTS is 240. The study program is organized through compulsory and elective subjects, field work and the final thesis. The requirement for admission to undergraduate studies is completed high school education with appropriate and successfully passed entrance examination.

After completing undergraduate studies, candidates receive the title – Graduate Engineer of Forestry.
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