Study programs at the Department of Forestry are designed and in accordance with the relevant programs of European faculties. They are accredited and internationally recognized. The European model of study, based on the Bologna process, enabled the three level education that takes place through undergraduate, master’s degree and doctoral studies.

Undergraduate studies: 

Enrollment conditions:

  • Completed high-school (4 years);
  • Pass in the entrance exam in mathematics and biology

Undergraduate studies at the Department of Forestry last for four years (8 semesters) and the number of ECTS is 240. In undergraduate studies, students attend and take exams in 46 subjects, of which 36 are compulsory and 10 are elective subjects.

Аcademic title:

Graduate forest engineer

Master’s degree studies

Master’s degree studies last for one year and students gain 60 ECTS.
The program is designed for students to opt for one of seven modules in the field of forestry, namely: 1. plant production and conservation of forest genetic resources, 2. utilization of forest and hunting resources 3. forest management planning 4. silviculture 5. protection of forests and ornamental plants, 6. forest ecology, protection and improvement of the environment and 7. forest  economics and organization.
In the first semester students of master’s degree studies attend lessons in elective subjects and take exams and in the second semester they take an exam in study and research work and carry out practical work. After that they defend their master’s degree thesis.
Academic title:
Master engineer of forestry (MSc)  and the diploma annex contains data on specialization.

Doctoral studies (PhD): 

Doctoral studies – 3 years; 180 ECTS

Doctoral studies in forestry at the Forestry module last for 3 years (6 semesters). The study program is designed for students to choose one of the 7 sub-modules: 1. Seed science, nursery practice and reforestation, 2. forest protection, 3. Forest Economics and Organization, 4. Forest Management Planning, 5. forest utilization and hunting with wildlife protection 6. forest ecology, protection and improvement of the environment 7. silviculture.
In each sub-module module of Forestry during the first year students take a total of 5 exams (2 compulsory subjects and 3 elective subjects), and perform laboratory and experimental work. They apply the project of doctoral dissertation and defend a term paper. In the second year students defend the project of doctoral dissertation, perform laboratory and experimental work, have a duty to publish 1 article in a national scientific journal and participate in a national scientific conference with a paper and published and a scientific article in a leading journal of national importance. In the third year, doctoral students participate in teaching at the undergraduate level, and perform laboratory experimental work, and are obliged to participate in an international scientific conference with a paper and work on their doctoral dissertation.

Academic title:
PhD in biotechnical science.