Chair of chemical and mechanical wood processing

Chair: Chair of Chemical and Mechanical Wood Processing

Head of Chair: Prof. Dr. Ivana Gavrilović Grmuša

Chair Development: 

The Chair of Chemical and Mechanical Wood Processing was founded in 1956 known as the Chair of Chemical Forest Technology within the former Wood-industrial Department and nowadays the Department of TMP. The founder of the Chair was distinguished professor Siniša Stanković. At that time, 6 subjects were taught at the Chair of Chemical Forest Technology: Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Forest chemical technology, Technology of auxiliary materials, Chemical technology and Technology wood fiber masses.

From 1958 to 1960, the Chair was divided into the Chair of Wood Chemistry and the Chair of Forest Chemical Technology, carrying out four-year education at 5 departments: the Department of Forestry, the Department of Residential Greening, the Department of floods and erosion, the Department of mechanical wood processing and the Department of chemical wood processing.  A total of 9 subjects were taught at the Chair of Forest Technology:  Technology of auxiliary materials, Chemical technology of wood, Technology of wood fiber masses, Technology of wood-plastic masses, Technological Operations, Chemical wood processing of Wood pulp technology, General chemical technologies and Impregnation of wood), and the Chair of Wood Chemistry was engaged in the teaching of 6 subjects (Chemistry, Chemistry I, Chemistry II (selected chapters), Physical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry and Wood chemistry).

In line with the restructuring of the University in 1963, part of the teaching of the Department of chemical processing was transferred to the Faculty of Technology, and accordingly in 1964, professor Siniša Stanković and teaching assistant Ljiljana Majdanac transfered to that faculty leaving the Chair of the Faculty of Forestry. Since then, subjects of the two listed chairs have been compiled to the Chair of CMWP. So, since 1966 this chair has been teaching classes at the undergraduate level in 4 subjects (Chemistry, Materials Science, Chipboards, fiberboards and wood-plastic masses and Wood chemistry with the fundamentals of chemical processing).

In the first years of the Faculty of Forestry many prominent professors of the University of Belgrade participated in the execution and development of the subjects Chemical technologies, Chemistry and Materials science.  We should particularly mention prof. Dr. Siniša Stanković, prof. Dr. Dobrila Karapandžić, prof. Dr. Radomir Senić, prof. Dr. Natalija Jovanović, prof. Dr. Nada Marković and then young associates prof. Dr. Ljiljana Majdanac, prof. Dr. Nada Teržan, prof. Dr. Vukosava Pjević  and graduate. eng. Desimir Filipović. Later, during the 70s, the Chair staff was joined by future productive and successful teachers, prof. Dr. Jovan Miljković and Prof. Dr. Tatjana Stefanović-Janežić, as engineers of Technology and Metallurgy.

During the 80s , Dr. Olga Crnogorac, assistant professor and professor Dr. Milanka Điporović-Momcilović, then wood processing engineers joined the Chair, as well as Dr. Biljana Bujanović and Jasna Martinović, engineers of the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, and Dr. Dragan Kosić, a chemical engineer. At the end of the 90s Associate Professor Dr. Ivana Gavrilović-Grmuša and Assistant Professor Dr. Mlađan Popović joined the Chair as wood processing engineers together with Ljiljana Čučković and MSc Ljiljana Suručić as chemical engineers. In the same period, the Chair was left by several distinguished teachers. Prof. Dr. Tatjana Stefanović-Janežić left to the Laval University in Canada; Dr. Olga Crnogorac also emigrated to Canada to work as a furniture designer in the Tesco Corporation; Dr. Biljana Bujanović, associate professor, went to the USA to the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (Syracuse): Department of Paper and Bioprocess Engineering.