Centers/ Laboratories

Today, the Chair of primary wood processing has three laboratories established through the efforts of all generations of teachers throughout its development:

– Laboratory for testing wood properties,
– Laboratory for sawmill wood processing,
– Laboratory for hydrothermal wood processing.

Part of the teaching in the subject Wood anatomy is held in the Laboratory for Wood Anatomy, which belongs to the Department of Forestry.

The Laboratory for testing the properties of wood and wood products was established in 1989, within the Chair of primary wood processing, and for the needs of subjects of the Wood Processing Department: Properties of wood, Veneers and particle boards and Chipoards, Fibre Boards and Wood-Plastic Masses. In the past, the Faculty purchased an “Amsler” type machine for the testing of mechanical wood properties and in 1989 the machine for testing the mechanical wood properties TIRATEST 2300 was modernized with appropriate accessories. In addition to these devices, in the same year the Faculty purchased  an air-chamber with a volume of 1 m3, several laboratory scales, an electronic scale, two laboratory ovens, personal computers with peripheral equipment, two binoculars and several optical microscopes. In the period from 1989 to 2000, this equipment secured high-quality work, both for the needs of students and users in wood processing industry. The laboratories investigated physical and mechanical properties of wood and products of primary wood processing.

Since 2000, the Laboratory started renewing and modernizing its equipment. In 2010, the machine type “AMSLER”  was modernized and in 2013 the machine of “TIRATEST 2300” type. Both machines were automated and connected to computer equipment, so that in addition to the basic mechanical properties and rheological properties of wood can be measured with high accuracy. In addition to the properties of solid wood, these machines are used to determined the characteristics of wood-based panels, as well as the strength of different compounds in final wood processing products. The Laboratory has successfully cooperated with companies in wood industry and in this respect  a large number of tests have been conducted that are mostly related to the determination  of wood species, the quality of solid wood, the quality of veneer and plywood and the quality of the wooden floors, etc.

Three technical solutions were implemented in the laboratories of the Chair of primary wood processing:
– The machine for testing the mechanical properties of wood and wood products “ WT-4“,
– The machine for testing the mechanical properties of wood and wood products “ WT-5U“,
– PASS 1: Automatic flow kiln for finished packaging veneer drying (industrial prototype).