Research/ Projects

Research of the possibility of complete industrial processing of the available quantities of wood in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia”. Federal project no. T.S.I. – 080 / 1-93 (1994-2000); Project leader: Borislav Šoškić.

“Improvement of equipment and technological procedures of artificial beech drying” (2001-2003) BTR.5.06.0511.B; Project leader Dr. Branko Kolin, full prof.

“Development of new products aimed at a better utilization of raw material and improvement of wood processing export in Serbia” (2005-2008) BTN-361005A; Project leader: Dr. Zdravko Popović, associate prof.

“Improvement of the technology of conventional wood drying in terms of quality and energy consumption” (2008-2010), TR-20026; Project leader: prof. Dr. Branko Kolin.

Clustering Knowledge, Innovation and Design in the SEE WOOD sector
Project leader: Forestry Institute from Ljubljana – Slovenia
Duration: 1st October  2012-31st December 2014.

Project: Innovation School Sprungbrett – International student project
Project leader: University of Bern – Switzerland
Duration: 2015-2018