The chair of Landscape Horticulture

Chair: The chair of Landscape Horticulture

Head of Chair: Dr Jelena Tomićević Dubljević

Deputy Head of Chair: Dr Ivana Bjedov

Chair Secretary: Dr Marija Nešić

Chair Development: 

The chair of Landscape Horticulture was established in 1979 and named “The Chair of ornamental plants production.” The Head of Chair, as the chief at the time, was prof. Dr. Slobodan Stilinović, teacher of the subject planting stock production. The Chair changed its name to the Chair of Landscape Horticulture in 2002. In the period from 1976 to 1983 prof. Dr. Slobodan Stilinović (1926-2002) was a member of the Yugoslav delegation to the UN Committee for Forestry and took part in the session of the UN Conference to Combat Desertification in Nairobi. At the Faculty of Forestry he was head of the Department of Horticulture, director of the Institute of Landscape Architecture and Dean of the Faculty in the period 1977-1979.

Prof. Dr. Olga Mijanović (1933) lectured in the subjects Floriculture 1 and 2. As the representative of Yugoslavia she participated in several meetings of the European Union for the transport and market of flowers. She was Head of Chair, then Director of the Institute of Landscape Architecture, and in the period 1985-1987 Dr. Olga Mijanović was Dean of the Faculty. She retired in 2000.
Prof. Dr. Miodrag Kovačević (1939) taught in the subject of economics in landscape architecture. He retired in 2005.
Prof. Dr. Slobodan Lazarevic (1943-2014) was a professor of Floriculture 1 and 2. He retired in 2009.
Prof. Dr. Tanja Milijašević (1954-2010) was engaged in teaching in the subject Diseases of ornamental plants.
Today, there are three laboratories within the Chair: the Laboratory for tissue culture, Seed Laboratory and the Laboratory for chemotaxonomy. Administrative verification of another laboratory is in progress, and it will be used for the chemical analysis of plant material. The Center for the production of ornamental plants was established at the Faculty of Forestry campus as a separate space for the production of seedlings of ornamental trees and shrubs and flower crops (perennials). Its work is coordinated by the Chair of Landscape Horticulture.