Centers/ Laboratories

Laboratory for tissue culture (Office no. 75)

Head: prof. Dr. Matilda Đukić

The laboratory was established in 2001. It includes complete equipment for plant tissue culture: a sterile laminar chamber for sterile setting of explants on media, a chamber for cultivation under controlled conditions of light and temperature, a room for the preparation of media and plant materials, an autoclave, a glass area for the acclimatization of obtained plants and more. A set of techniques is applied for sterile vegetative propagation and cultivation of plants, plant organs, tissues and cells in a nutrient medium of suitable composition and under appropriate conditions. This method enables the production of plants throughout the year, the elimination of pathogens from infected plant material, as well as introduction of new features. The laboratory is also used for hydroponic cultivation of plants for experimental purposes. A large number of bachelor, master and doctoral theses have been produced in this laboratory.

Seed laboratory (Office no. 56)

Head: prof. Dr. Dragana Skočajić

The laboratory was established in 1976. It is used for examining the quality of seeds of ornamental and forest species of trees, shrubs and herbaceous perennial, annual and biennial plants. It is equipped with standard equipment for this type of test: germination equipment, dividers and other accessories. It has two types of sprouters: Jakobsen (test on filter paper) and thermostat sprouters (test on filter paper and sand) with an adjustable photoperiod. Laboratory provides certificates for the seed that is marketed, and for that purpose in addition to examining the germination and other quality characteristics it also examines: purity, absolute mass and moisture content. For species for species specified in international standards (ISTA) it provides indirect methods of testing of TTC and growth of explanted embryos.
There is a collection of seeds with over 1000 tree species in the laboratory, as well as the apparatus for hydroculture.

Laboratory for chemotaxonomy (Office no. 116а)

Head: prof. Dr. Dragica Obratov-Petković

The laboratory for chemotaxonomy is a new laboratory, established in 2016. It has the most advanced instrument for bioanalytical chemistry – high performance liquid chromatography (High-performance liquid chromatography – HPLC). HPLC is a modern analytical method, which is widely used in the analysis of biological samples and environmental samples. HPLC methods for the determination of natural antioxidants, organic acids, and phenolic compounds in plants are currently being developed in the laboratory.