Међународни пројекти

1. FPS COST Action FP1006 Bringing new functions to wood through surface modification, 2011-2015, MC member: Prof. dr. Milanka Djiporović-Momčilović http://www.cost.eu/COST_Actions/fps/FP1006
2. FPS COST Action FP1103 Fraxinus dieback in Europe: elaborating guidelines and strategies for sustainable management (FRAXBACK), 2011-2016, MC member: Prof. dr. Nenad Keča http://www.cost.eu/COST_Actions/fps/FP1103
3. FPS COST Action FP1201 Forest Land Ownership Changes in Europe: Significance for Management And Policy (FACESMAP), 2012-2016, MC Substitute: Dr. Jelena Nedeljković http://www.cost.eu/COST_Actions/fps/FP1201
4. FPS COST Action FP1203 European non-wood forest products (NWFPs) network, 2012-2016, MC member: Dr. Ljiljana Keča http://www.cost.eu/COST_Actions/fps/FP1203
5. ESSEM COST Action ES1101 Harmonizing Global Biodiversity Modelling (HarmBio) 2012-2016, MC member: Prof. dr. Mirjana Šijačić-Nikolić http://www.cost.eu/COST_Actions/essem/ES1101
6. FPS COST Action FP1204: Green Infrastructure approach: linking environmental with social aspects in studying and managing urban forests, 2012-2017, MC member: Dr. Nevena Vasiljević http://www.cost.eu/COST_Actions/fps/FP1204
7. FPS COST Action FP1301 Innovative management and multifunctional utilization of traditional coppice forests – an answer to future ecological, economic and social challenges in the European forestry sector (EuroCoppice), 2013-2017, MC member: Prof. dr. Milun Krstić http://www.cost.eu/COST_Actions/fps/FP1301
8. FPS COST Action FP1303 Performance of bio-based building materials, 2013-2017, MC member: Dr. Goran Milić http://www.cost.eu/COST_Actions/fps/FP1303
9. FА COST Action TD1209 European System for Alien Species (АLIEN CHALLENGE) European Cooperation in Science and Technology, 2013-2017, MC member: MC Substitute: Prof. dr. Milka Glavendekić http://www.cost.eu/COST_Actions/fa/TD1209
10. FPS COST Action FP1305 Linking belowground biodiversity and ecosystem function in European forests (BioLink), 2014-2018, MC member: Prof. dr. Mirjana Šijačić-Nikolić http://www.cost.eu/COST_Actions/fps/FP1305
11. FPS COST Action FP1401 A global network of nurseries as early warning system against alien tree pests (GLOBAL WARNING), 2014-2018, MC member: Prof. dr. Milka Glavendekić http://www.cost.eu/COST_Actions/fps/FP1401
12. COST Targeted Network 1401: Capacity Building in Forest Policy and Governance in Western Balkan Region (CAPABAL), 2014-2016, MC member: Dr. Nenad Petrović http://www.cost.eu/about_cost/strategy/targeted_networks/capabal
13. FPS COST Action FP1403 Non-native tree species for European forests – experiences, risks and opportunities (NNEXT), 2014-2018, MC member: Dr. Ljiljana Keča http://www.cost.eu/COST_Actions/fps/FP1403
14. FPS COST Action FP1406 Pine pitch canker – strategies for management of Gibberella Circinata in greenhouses and forests (PINESTRENGTH), 2015-2019, MC member: Prof. dr. Nenad Keča http://www.cost.eu/COST_Actions/fps/FP1406
15. FPS COST Action FP1407 Understanding wood modification through an integrated scientific and environmental impact approach (ModWoodLife), 2015-2019, MC member: Dr. Goran Milić http://www.cost.eu/COST_Actions/fps/FP1407
16. CA COST Action CA16208 Knowledge conversion for enhancing management of European riparian ecosystems and serveces, 2017-2020, MC member Prof. dr. Mirjana Šijačić-Nikolić http://www.cost.eu/COST_Actions/ca/CA16208
17. Multipurpose trees and non-wood forest products a challenge and opportunity (StarTree); European Commission’s FP7 Cooperation Work Programme 2012-2016; Dr. Jelena Nedeljković – koordinator Regionalne studije slučaja http://star-tree.eu/project
18. DIABOLO – Distributed, Integrated and Harmonised Forest Information for Bioeconomy Outlooks. European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 633464, 2015–2019. Project partner: Faculty of Forestry – University of Belgrade, Chair for Forest Management Planning, Leader for Faculty: Prof dr Damjan Pantić,  http://diabolo-project.eu/
19. Horizon 2020 – identification number: H2020-SFS-2014-2: Pest Organisms Threatening Europe (POnTE), University of Belgrade – Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, duration 2015-2018, koordinator za Šumarski faklutet je Prof. dr Nenad Keča.
20. Project: East and South European Network for Invasive Alien Species – A tool to support the management of alien species in Bulgaria (ESENIAS-TOOLS), D-33-51, 2015-2016. Project partner Department for Biologie, University of Novi Sad, project participant Prof. dr. Milka Glavendekić
21. International Network PCLIM – International research network about the adaptive response of processionary moths and their associated organisms to climate change. Koordinator za Srbiju Prof. dr Milka Glavendekić http://www.accaf.inra.fr/en/Actions-and-Projects/adaptation_animal_plant_health/PCLIM