Brief history of the Department

On 4th January 1960, at the initiative of the dean, prof. Dr. Toma Bunuševac, the first vice-rector of the University of Belgrade Faculty of Forestry and representatives of the First University Council of the University of Belgrade, the Council of the Faculty of Forestry adopted the Statute of the Faculty of Forestry, University of Belgrade which established the Department of residential greening, the first one of that kind at forestry faculties in former Yugoslavia. In this way, the basic and very diverse area of Forestry in terms of content was divided into more specific activities, i.e. the curriculum introduced a completely new material, which was not studied until then or was insufficiently studied at the Faculty. The Chairman of the Department was prof. Dr. Toma Bunuševac. The Department had only one chair – the Chair of residential greening. The first curriculum of the Department of residential greening was confirmed by the 1960 Statute and came into effect on 1st October 1958.

The first curriculum included the matter that has been studied through 23 subjects with 18 to 29 lessons per week. Exams were taken orally. Graduate theses were written on the topic of a technical or scientific problem in the form of a written paper. A large number of subjects in this curriculum were shared with the Department of Forestry, which provided support in the teaching of the newly formed department. Its teachers, especially in lower years, taught the same subjects they taught at their own department. The first curriculum was replaced on 1st October 1961 with the plan which involved matter that was studied through 26 subjects with 22 to 29 lessons per week. Foreign language was introduced according to that plan.
With the 1966 statute, it was established that the four-year curriculum, as well as postgraduate studies, take place at the Department of Horticulture. The president of the Department was prof. Dr. Toma Bunuševac. The organizational structure of the Department consisted of the Chair of residential greening and the Chair of park design.

With the 1973 statute the Department became a self-governing Institute of Landscape Architecture. The first head of the Institute was prof. Dr. Slobodan Stilinović.

From 5th April 1988, the Faculty was a single organizational unit that carries out teaching and research activities. The Department of Landscape Architecture was active in the context of teaching activities of the VIII-1 and VIII-2 levels of qualification. The organizational structure of the Department consisted of the Chair of green spaces establishment, the Chair of park design and landscaping and the Chair of ornamental plant production. The names of the chairs changed in 1994, and the organizational structure of the Department included the Chair for establishment and tending of green spaces, the Chair of green spaces design and the Chair of ornamental plant production. Such organization of the Faculty and the name of the Department lasted until 2002, when the Department changed its name to the Department of Landscape Architecture and Horticulture. The organizational structure of the Department consisted of the Chairs that have been kept until today: the Chair of Landscape Engineering, the Chair of Horticulture and the Chair of planning and design in landscape architecture.
After the change in the organizational structure of the Faculty, the first president of the Department was prof. Dr. Miodrag Kovačević (2001-2003). The presidents of the department were also: prof. Dr. Jasminka Cvejić (2003-2007), prof. Dr. Mihailo Grbić (2007-2009), prof. Dr Matilda Đukić (2009-2012) and prof. Dr. Mirjana Ocokoljić (current President since 1st October 2012).

The chronology of the Department development over the past 56 years shows a dynamic development, which is determined by the monitoring of the needs in practice and trends in science.  From 1960 to 2016, significant contribution to the development of the Department and the Faculty of Forestry in general was given by the representatives of the Department in the  Management Board of the Faculty.


Prof. Dr. Slobodan Stilinović (1977‒1979) 

Prof. Dr. Olga Mijanović (1985‒1987), the one and only woman dean of the Faculty of Forestry in Belgrade.


  • Prof. Dr. Emilija Vukićević (1971‒1973) – the first women doctor of forest science in former Yugoslavia (23rd  October 1959); slika
  • Prof. Dr. Matilda Đukić  (2001‒2003);
  • Prof. Dr. Mihailo Grbić (2003‒2007);
  • Prof. Dr. Jasminka Cvejić (2007‒2009);
  • Prof. Dr. Mirjana Ocokoljić (2009‒2012);
  • Prof. Dr. Jelena Tomićević  (October 2012‒February 2013) i
  • Prof. Dr. Vesna Golubović-Ćurguz  (current vice-dean since 2013).



In the period from 1960 to 2016, according to the regulations that were in force until the entry into force of the Law on Higher Education in 2006 the number of students educated at the Department was:

  • 1,757 graduate engineers (the first graduate engineer was Slavoljub Kosorić – 22nd  June 1964)
  • 56 masters of science (the first Master of Science was Milan Sapundžić – 22nd  June 1964) and
  • 32 PhDs (the first PhD was Milan Sapundžić – 23rd  March 1967).

According to the European model of the study program, based on the Bologna Process, from 2006 to 2016 the number of educated professionals was:

  • 263 engineers (the first graduate engineer was Marina Zujić – 24rd  January 2011)
  • 141 master engineer (first master engineer  was Ana Gačić – 15th June 2009) and
  • 4 PhDs (the first one was PhD Đurđa Stojičić – 2nd  June 2014)