Institute of landscape architecture

The Institute is organized as a scientific research and professional organizational unit of the Faculty of Forestry, with centers and laboratories for organizing and carrying out research work and connecting with teaching as well as for the realization of other forms of work.
The Institute consists of teachers, associates, scientists and laboratory assistants employed at the Department of Landscape Architecture and Horticulture. Students also participate in the work of the Institute and the implementation of scientific and research projects.

The Institute is managed by the Manager, who is appointed by the Dean at the proposal of the Department of Landscape Architecture and Horticulture, for a period of 3 years. The manager coordinates work and organizes activities.
The Institute performs the following tasks:

The implementation of basic, developmental and applied research activities of the Faculty, the realization of scientific and research projects, provision of technical and scientific support to enterprises and other legal entities, improvement of scientific methods and techniques, organization of courses, seminars, symposiums and knowledge innovation, organization of students to participate in research work and other activities in accordance with the Statute and other general acts of the Faculty.
Working units, centers and laboratories for conducting multidisciplinary research and professional work in accordance with the Statute of the Faculty were formed within the Institute.
The composition of the Institute comprises:

  1. Working units
    • scientific and research activities
    • cooperation with industry and professional activities
    • permanent education
  2. Centers
    • for the production of ornamental plants
    • for landscape design and planning
  3. Laboratories
    • the Laboratory for tissue culture

  • the Seed laboratory 

  • the Laboratory for chemotaxonomy (dodati slike: Hemotaksonomija 1.jpg, Hemotaksonomija 2.jpg, Hemotaksonomija 3.jpg)

  • Greenhouse of the laboratory
  • Nursery

Manager of the Institue

Dr. Mirjana Tešić