Studies at our Department provide multidisciplinary knowledge in the field of natural and technical sciences necessary for understanding the landscape and knowledge of plants, then planning and design knowledge and skills, and engineering knowledge and techniques of construction of facilities in landscape architecture (parks, green and recreational spaces, gardens and other created green or other close-to/nature and natural spaces), biological knowledge of ornamental, medicinal and aromatic plants, tending and integral protection of plants and skills of plant design, technology and production of ornamental plants, food plants and the like.


Our specificity is reflected in the ecological orientation and understanding of the relationship between action and interaction of man and the environment (urban, suburban, rural and natural environment) and amendment thereof through the acquisition of knowledge and skills in artistic, social and cultural spheres. In order to do all that we also engage renowned teachers from other faculties, and organize guest lectures of various experts from home and abroad. We participate in various student workshops with students from other faculties and professions and encourage students to participate in them in order to expand their knowledge and exchange values


We have achieved significant results in the fields of education, scientific research and practice, and as such we are happy to have access to the resources of the University of Belgrade and unique area of ​​European and global academic community, of which we are an integral part.

Our strength lies in the close and direct work with every student. We encourage our students to work and acquire new knowledge in curricular and extracurricular activities, as well as in foster and promote academic freedom and values. In order to succeed, our teachers and staff have permanent training, both at home and abroad. So we create a large network of human and institutional resources across Europe and the world and contribute to the quality, recognition and reputation of our Faculty.