Teaching and scientific facilities

The Faculty of Forestry is the oldest scientific research institution in the territory of the Republic of Serbia, with more than 100 years long tradition. By a decision of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development from 2020, it was accredited as a state scientific research institution in the field of biotechnical sciences – agriculture, forestry and fisheries.

The Center for Teaching and scientific facilities

The teaching bases are used for organizing and teaching and for the realization of other forms of work in the execution of the curriculum and programme of education and scientific research. Greater emphasis is also placed on recreational tourist activities.

The Goč Teaching Base

The Goč teaching base is an extremely forested mountain area, which has been declared a teaching and scientific research centre in Serbia as a characteristic forest mosaic of autochthonous tree species of Serbia, and as such this centre has been improving and developing for fifty years. The representativeness of this area is reflected in the presence of 650 plant species, of which some are endemic, rare, endangered and internationally important.


The “Goč-Gvozdac” Special Nature Reserve

Goč–Gvozdac Special Nature Reserve Based on 2014 Decree of the Government of the Republic of Serbia no. 2981, the Goč-Gvozdac forest complex was proclaimed Special nature reserve of category II. Zones in which protection regimes of degree I, II, III are implemented can be distinguished within the Goč-Gvozdac SRP. The protected natural area covers almost the entire watershed of the Gvozdačka River, named the Brezanska River in the lower course.


The Majdanpečka Domena Teaching Base

The “Crna reka” management unit is located in the northeastern part of Serbia, on the branches of the Homolje mountains and is a unique part of the former “University Domain”. This forest is located in the territory of the Municipality of Majdanpek and belongs entirely to the cadastral municipality of Debeli Lug. As a special-purpose forest, it is not part of the North Kučaj forest area.


The Felješana SNR – Debeli Lug

Strict nature reserve has been protected since 1950 and was established to preserve the unique indigenous old well-developed stand of mountain beech forest which is 300 years old, with trees reaching a height of over 40 meters, and which is exempt from management and exploitation and thus preserved in its original form. It is located in eastern Serbia, in the area of North Kučaj, in the territory of the Municipality of Majdanpek, with an area of 15.28 ha and it is entirely state-owned.



The natural asset “Arboretum of the Faculty of Forestry” of the University of Belgrade is a green area with a specific purpose and exceptional botanical and landscape-architectural value, and a natural monument of floristic character, established on the outskirts of the city center. Due to its exceptional values, it was declared a protected natural area of category III as a protected natural area of local character in 2011. Its geographical position, ecological characteristics of the represented specimens of woody and shrub species and intraspecific taxa, concepts of fields, plots, lawns, paths, alleys and park furniture, provide plenty of material for creating scientific and professional studies on the Arboretum. The floristic diversity of the Arboretum is reflected in the high share of exotic, autochthonous and allochthonous woody and shrubby species. The plant stock includes about 200 woody species, subspecies, hybrids and cultivars, represented by about 1,500 specimens. Such a diverse biofund, distributed, by systematic affiliation, on connected wholes (fields and plots), makes this Monument of Nature extremely attractive.


Laboratories and centers

The scientific research at the Faculty is implemented by 124 researchers, through individual activities or activities of project teams, dealing with fundamental, applied and developmental research in the fields of forestry, wood science and technology, landscape architecture and ecological engineering for soil and water resources protection. The basis for scientific research are a number of laboratories and centres, which were formed at the Faculty of Forestry in the past period.

According to the current 2019 statute, the Chairs and Departments of the Faculty have the following belonging laboratories and centres: Laboratories_and_Centers.pdf