Educational and Scientific Council

Educational and Scientific Council and its Composition

Educational and Scientific Council of the Faculty is the highest professional body of the Faculty.
This Academic Council consists of teachers and assistants with a master of science degree who are employed with at least 70% of working time at the Faculty.
This Academic Council is composed of 59 members / teachers and assistants including, as a rule, heads of departments and presidents of department councils.
Department Councils elect the following number of representatives in the academic Council:

• Department of Forestry (with the Chair of general subjects) –  22 representatives (19 + 3)

• Department of Wood Processing – 17 representatives

• Department of Landscape Architecture and Horticulture – 11 representatives

• Department of Ecological Engineering for Soil and Water Resources Protection – 9 representatives

Deans and Vice-Deans are members of the Council by function.
The Dean of the Faculty is the President of the Council by function.
When discussing and deciding on issues relating to quality assurance, reform of study programs, analysis of the efficiency of studying and determining the number of ECTS credits in the work of the Council, 4 student representatives shall participate, who are elected by the Student Parliament of the Faculty, including the representatives of teaching associates.

The mandate of the members of this Academic Council – the representatives of students, as a rule, starts from 1st October of the current year and lasts for one year.

Competence of the Educational and Scientific Council:

1) It decides on issues of teaching, scientific and professional activities of the Faculty;
2) proposes study programs, including courses for the acquisition of  joint degrees;
3) regulates the rules of studies carried out at the Faculty;
4) adopts the topic of a thesis (master’s degree);
5) sets up the Commission for assessment and defense of a master thesis;
6) adopts the Report of the Commission on the evaluation of a master thesis;
7) approves the topic of a doctoral thesis;
8) forms the Commission for the assessment and defense of a doctoral dissertation;
9) adopts the Report of the Evaluation Commission on a doctoral dissertation;
10) adopts a general act on the criteria and conditions for the transfer of ECTS credits;
11) passes a general act on the conditions, manner and procedure of realization of the program of lifelong learning, as well as other professional training programs;
12) sets out in detail the conditions and manner of exercising the distance learning studies;
13) adopts the norms and standards of work;
14) lays down standards for self-evaluation and quality assessment of the Faculty;
15) defines bodies and procedures related to monitoring, ensuring, improvement and development of  the quality of study programs, teaching and working conditions;
16) conducts, together with the Dean, a policy of continuous improvement of the quality of teaching and training in scientific research;
17) submits a request for verification of the fulfillment of the obligations of the Faculty in terms of the quality of study programs, teaching and working conditions;
18) prescribes the manner and procedure of self-evaluation;
19) determines the fulfillment of conditions for acquiring scientific titles and decides on the acquisition of research titles;
20) determines the policy of student enrollment;

21) regulates the conditions and manner of registration of candidates for the approved and accredited study programs organized by the Faculty;
22) determines the number of students to be enrolled in study programs;
23) establishes the criteria for the tuition fee;
24) elects representatives in the bodies of the University;
25) monitors international cooperation of the Faculty and takes appropriate decisions;
26) appoints members and directs and monitors the work of the commissions of the Council;
27) determines the nomination of the candidate for the Dean;
28) adopts a draft decision on the recognition of foreign higher education qualifications;
29) adopts its rules of procedure;
30) adopts general acts of the Faculty, in accordance with the law, regulations and the Statute;
31) performs other duties in accordance with law, the Statute and general acts of the Faculty.

Decision-making at the Council

The Council shall decide if two-thirds of the total number of members are present, and decisions are made by majority vote of the members present.
The Council can decide if more than a half of the total number of members are present, except that in this case, decisions are taken by a two thirds majority of those present.
The Council elects representatives of the Faculty in the University authorities by secret ballot from among full professors.

The Educational and Scientific Council (ESC) of the Faculty appoints permanent subsidiary bodies as follows:

1. The Commission for Education, consisting of heads of undergraduate studies;
2. The Commission for II degree studies, consisting of the heads of master studies;
3. The Commission for III degree studies, consisting of heads of doctoral studies;
4. The Commission for Science and Co-operation;
5. The Commission for publishing;
6. The Commission for entrance examinations;
7. The Commission for Quality Assurance and Improvement;
8. The Commission for the recognition of foreign higher education qualifications (diplomas);
9. The Commission for Accreditation.

The Council may appoint other permanent subsidiary bodies which will enable more efficient performance of the tasks of the Council.
The competencies, number and manner of selection of members and operation of permanent subsidiary bodies is determined by the Council with a decision on their establishment.

The mandate of the members of permanent subsidiary bodies coincides with the mandate of the Council members.


  1. Dr Dragica Vilotić, full professor
  2. Dr Milorad Danilović, full professor
  3. Dr Čedomir Marković, full professor
  4. Dr Dragan Nonić, full professor
  5. Dr Damjan Pantić, full professor
  6. Dr Rade Cvjetićanin, full professor
  7. Dr Mirjana Šijačić Nikolić, full professor
  8. Dr Violeta Babić, associate professor
  9. Dr Dragan Gačić, full professor
  10. Dr Ljilјana Keča, full professor
  11. Dr Olivera Košanin, associate professor
  12. Dr Milanović Slobodan, associate professor
  13. Dr Branko Stajić, full professor
  14. Dr Rajko Milosević, associate professor
  15. Dr Katarina Lazić, аssistant professors
  16. Dr Jokanović Dušan, аssistant professors
  17. Dr Marina Nonić, аssistant professors
  18. Dr Nenad Petrović, аssistant professors
  19. Dr Bilјana Šlјukić, аssistant professors
  20. Dr Branko Kanjevac, Phd teaching assistant
  21. Dr Dušan Stojnić, Phd teaching assistant
  22. Ilić Dragana, Teachers of foreign languages


  1. Dr Branko Glavonjić, full professor
  2. Dr Milanka Điporović-Momčilović, full professor
  3. Mr Jelena Matić, full professor
  4. Dr Zdravko Popović, full professor
  5. Dr Ivana Gavrilović-Grmuša, full professor
  6. Dr Vladislav Zdravković, associate professor
  7. Dr Goran Milić, full professor
  8. Dr Nebojša Todorović, associate professor
  9. Dr Igor Džinčić, associate professor
  10. Dr Gordana Đukanović, аssistant professor
  11. Dr Mira Mirić Milosavlјević Mira, аssistant professor
  12. Dr Vladislava Mihailović, аssistant professor
  13. Dr Slavica Petrović, аssistant professor
  14. Dr Jasmina Popović, associate professor
  15. Dr Mladen Furtula, associate professor
  16. MSc Aleksandra Lazarević, teaching assistant


  1. Dr Milka Glavendekić, full professor
  2. Dr Dragica Obratov-Petković, full professor
  3. Dr Mirjana Ocokolјić, full professor
  4. Dr Nevena Vasilјević, associate professor
  5. Dr Vesna Golubović Ćurguz, full professor
  6. Dr Danijela Đunisijević-Bojović, associate professor
  7. Dr Boris Radić, associate professor
  8. Dr Nevenka Galečić, аssistant professor
  9. Dr Jovana Petrović, аssistant professor
  10. Dr Nadežda Stojanović, аssistant professor
  11. MSc Aleksandar Lisica, teaching assistant


  1. Dr Snežana Belanović Simić, full professor
  2. Dr Grozdana Gajić, full professor
  3. Dr Nada Dragović, full professor
  4. Dr Miodrag Zlatić, full professor
  5. Dr Zoran Nikić, full professor
  6. Dr Ratko Ristić, full professor
  7. Dr Vesna Đukić, associate professor
  8. Dr Sara Lukić, associate professor
  9. Dr Mirjana Todosijević, associate professor


  1. Kristina Kravljanin
  2. Marta Tomić
  3. Aleksa Banjanac
  4. Nikola Milovanović